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Monthly Archives: April 2015

the issues were laden

one on another

even the top one

was groaning in smother

happy they were

to lay all abunch

that’s what you call

a good business lunch


the man bumbled on just like a lost bee
the more he looked the less he could see
so he closed his eyes and looked away
he wasn’t seeing anything new today
somewhere in the dark where light did not go
he found some stones that he could throw
into the dark the missiles flew
if he couldn’t see, then neither could you

under cover of light the darkness moves in

the mist is so thick

but the air it is thin

in plain site another card enters the pack

we look, turn away, but there’s no going back

instead we wait, and we watch

but we don’t see a thing

we have no idea of the state we are in

the motion drifts in

like a mist in the night 

it creeps through the heart

and fills it with fright

it means not what you think

(I think you know what I mean)

from this side of the tank

it’s not quite so obscene 

the revolution will come

though it stalls and delays

it keeps rolling on

in any numbers of ways

it takes one to know one

or so I’ve heard them say

even if some don’t agree

it won’t go away

be not this, or try be that

there is no such thing

as a matter of fact

until it is here

there is a time
there is also a season
this is for everything
and everything always is

time however…
is in its own time
and times change as time turns
it can come…
and it can go

seasons come
and seasons go
until it is time

it says to be ready
in season and out of season
it says not to be active all the time

time waits for no man they say
but it is the lot of man
to bide his time
in season and out of season
for when time has come
it is the season
and then it is really time

in it is time
time is not it
or so perhaps they should say