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many a tear did flow

between the promise and the blow

a lie so sweet, so secure

who would have thought it was a lure?

so in the chorus line we stood

it sounded sweet, it felt so good

the bass grooved on and did its thing

man, that band could really swing

that was then, and this is now

the golden calf became a plow

and now it’s not even the Blues we sing

but a mournful dirge, with a sombre sting

for they spun a lyric filled with hope

from a stage with a scaffold and a stretch of rope

who would have known they dug us a hole

and we would be swinging from that pole

but hope is not lost and we goose step on

in endless pursuit of that evasive song

after all this is the day, humanity’s finest

with our eyes shut tight no one can blind us


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  1. Reblogged this on Yourprotagonist’s Weblog and commented:
    A fine South African poet…

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