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democracy, democracy, if you please

the very thought of you brings me to my knees

I see and hear the groundswell of the masses beyond

it makes me question the path we are on

it’s this rule of thumb that renders me numb

that executive choice is offered to everyone

to escape from the regime of the previous hater

we lower decision making power to the lowest common denominator

capitalising on our primitive need to feel we belong

we are led in a hopeful chorus, a most pitiful song

and we dance to the promises based on stories we’re told

of a life in the future, far away from the struggles of old

but we need something to believe, and believe it we do

so we fall in a trap set for me and for you

the masses subdued, suppressed and confused

raise an uneducated voice, keeping ourselves amused

believing we can decide on the great master plan

we sell our souls and those of our children to some unscrupolous man

who smiles on the TV, the posters, and waves to the crowds

yet hugs with a blade in his hand when he wraps his arms round

and the warmth that we feel as we embrace this venomous man

is the life blood that we bleed at his murderous hand

but he’ll smile once more again and wave to the crowd

dance and sing songs of freedom, getting frighteningly loud

to silence our thinking, and the pain that we feel

pointing to a far away future that grows more and more unreal


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