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Monthly Archives: August 2015

who do warriors turn to when they drop their swords and fall,

and who will pick up the double edged weapons and return to them their honour?

when the hearts of the people are locked in their own distended bellies

and the words of the prophets are willingly captive to the thoughts of the thoughtless

is it then finally time for the stones to scream out?

and the rocks to shatter under the relentless gaze of the angry sun?

for the water to evaporate before it touches the soil

and for the children to be dead before they are born?

when mankind celebrates high noon in the dead of midnight

and turns into victory the stench of suicidal defeat

it is time gentlemen, it is time!


when bribes are taken
and the righteous are oppressed
when righteousness itself
is discarded like a menstrual rag
when the poor are deprived of justice
and dignity is reduced to a commodity for sale to the highest bidder
it is then that the prudent can say nothing
for the days are indeed numbered

the march of youthful, grey-haired men

killing things to live again

to leave a footprint in the sand

spreading death by their own hand

they climb the mound and scorch the earth

their abundance leaves a trail of dearth

intoxicated, unbridled deeds

they fill the earth with fumes of greed

the tail is chased, the race is run

and of the winners, there is none

it was when the straight and narrow got wider and wider…

and the sidewalk became mainstream… 

the highway disappeared into a swamp

and the stream trickled to a leak

as they were shouting, go! go! go!

the whole thing just stopped

first thought was to blow it open again

but dynamite never filled a hole

to play at twisting

with the twisting of reality 

in any way

in any of its myriad forms 

evil personified

personified evil

evil as anything can be

as anyone can be

celebrated untruth


making something

out of nothing


in a voice

the voice of marketing

the voice of a mark

the brand of a beast


but made alive

through death

adverb in full advert

a beast of a mark

the mark of a beast

personified beast

inhuman in the flesh