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Monthly Archives: September 2015

the march of youthful, grey-haired men

killing things to live again

to leave a footprint in the sands

they spread their death with dirty hands

to climb the mound they scorch the earth

a song of peace is filled with dearth

“a lie, a lie, come lie with me

we speak the truth, as soon you’ll see”

and so the whisperer, loud and clear

screams in the silence for all to hear

our mother bleeds through gaping scars

as we look up to plunder Mars


I looked into the mirror

and God smiled back at me

that warm, unnerving feeling


we have all been there before

most of us stay, gazing at our reflection

it’s never clear, but the view is great


some manage to walk away

afraid to look back just in case no one follows

others run, hoping they get caught


the faithful trip and stumble

some never get back up

others try, but can’t


most go back for seconds

and thirds

when you’re empty you can never get enough


no one who chooses freedom pays a price

freedom is priceless,

it cannot be bought…

staying blind

whether intentionally or not

now, that’s costly

starting with your freedom

and then everything else

you never knew you once had