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Monthly Archives: December 2015

back to back they faced each other
spitting in each other’s eye
the enemy just would not go blind
as both their mouths ran dry

but still they spat in abject disgust
at the blindness of the others view
they each could see what the other couldn’t
of course, their own vision was true

so they shouted louder and spat some more
and soon it all was clear
“we are right” both parties screamed together
“let’s go and have some beer”

and so the foolish partied on
enchanted by their own reverie
they all simply could not see
quite as well as you or me


it’s when the defect strikes
and it all goes wrong
that little slip
which goes on and on
repeating itself
for all to see
the beginning of the end
for you and me

but we think just enough
to believe we know more
so we cover the glitch
we patch over the flaw
and we all raise one voice
in a united song
we talk to ourselves
saying nothing went wrong

we rewrite the maps
we alter the course
celebrating aloud
that it stopped getting worse
but just underneath
where the eye cannot see
is the future we’ve made
that we’re too blind to see

there is no such thing as strength,
nor weakness…
there is only the way,
the way we manage the time and space,
the specific time and space we are in

we stand in the way
or we weigh in the stand
we project and promote
or defeat and demote
only to find,
if ever we do…
that strength is weakness
and weakness is strength
and neither matter in the end

this erudite generation
demanding freedom
to be recognized as an individual
yet dressing, thinking, walking,
talking like each other

we’re all in it for ourselves – on all sides of the equation…

if we could see this we might start on the road to a better future

maybe we should be majoring on Human Responsibilities rather than Human Rights?