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the emperors clothes
being stripped
off to the dry cleaners
for cleansing
from blood spatter
…and other bodily fluids
scrutinized for lice
…and other parasites
off to the master seamstress
like brand new clothes
for refitting,

and all this by our hands
the hands of the many
those who first fitted him out in finery
who sang the songs of beauty
who laid the red carpets out
appointing the praise singers
joining in on the chorus

a brutal man, yes
of vile intellect
and little understanding
walking the crooked paths
tearing at the threads of civility
molesting the boundaries of wisdom
filled with wanton greed
a rampant power monger
intoxicated by lust
for power, control
and any other pleasures

our hero then
but not for now
he has served our bidding
we have no more use for him
only perhaps as our scapegoat
no longer the tool in hand,
the fool in our hand

we, the commissioners of the oath
we, who made the mark
who voted him in to do our bidding
we gave him his new clothes
we praised him at the parade
we, who are now in search of another
another fool to try our new garment on

and there will be many
many takers
many makers, and breakers
the eager to use, and be used

it is all the rage
it is all the fashion
a fool for fools
and there will be no end

until it is over


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