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Monthly Archives: February 2016

we called for our freedom
consulting prison wardens
we cried out for peace
in great generals gardens

and now we sit in a puddle of trouble,
calling for order to ease our woes
our heads confused and in a muddle
unable to tell our friends from our foes

so we speak to a box, with pencil in hand
to elect a leader from among our own clans
from an organized system
of con-artists and magicians
our next new consultants: corrupt politicians

all hope in the vote
our destiny beckons
the fuse is long
but a bomb explodes in seconds

the Age of Enlightenment
information abounds
but the people walk backwards
making strange sounds

our sticks and our stones
are graphene and oil
but the ape walks again
devolution at boil


the best law ever written
was written in sand
by a lowly, traveling human hand
unseen by the masses
openly exposed to mystery,
blown by the wind,
and scuffed by the unobservant feet of passing men

to catch the wind
we need more than hands,
much more than a pen on paper,
also, eyes that see…
even when eyelids are shut tight

so many having a go at the Donald Trump’s & the Jacob Zuma’s…

but maybe it’s not them alone?

maybe it’s Democracy itself that is the problem?

a system that promotes & celebrates the lowest common denominator

the lowest common morality

the lowest common pathology

a system designed to elect the deranged idiot

the delusional sociopath

the easily pliable

placed in the diabolical hands of plutocratic greed & malice


how ironic…

the ‘Age of Enlightenment’

willfully supporting,

even worshipping

mindless ignorance

and cognitive darkness

where we are now
we’ve been before
and we’ll get back here again
for just when we feel
we’ve reached the end
it starts again, again

being an ardent student
for over 45 years
of things musical…
sonic expressions
human and other
space and movement…
my unexpected, and perhaps somewhat unwanted conclusion thus far,
is that you don’t play music,
…the music plays you