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reaching out to beckon to my wife
to join me for an embrace as I lay on my bed
my crippled hands wrapped around her willing body
and the searing pain sent shockwaves through my body
I lay there saying nothing
savouring the moment
forever grateful
knowing that there are so many
who would give anything just to have arms
to embrace those they loved and cherished


meaning is meaningless,

though it may mean all the world to you.

you can say what you say,

but others will hear what they hear.

therefore, after all is said and done,

it is far better to listen than to speak.

we’re all in it for ourselves – on all sides of the equation…

if we could see this we might start on the road to a better future

maybe we should be majoring on Human Responsibilities rather than Human Rights?

there is that, …this thing
seeking exclusively to entertain
vulgar upheavals
gagging speaker
and listener
fit only for superficial profit
that of no end
of any worth

there is this, …that thing
which cuts us where we’re human
a knife that heals
the surgeon’s tools
leaving scars
and beauty manifests
…only later
well after ripened fruits have fallen
long after decay

gemination in waves
reaching into the divine
scars of life
a faint memory
seldom understood
if ever

…if we think, “…okay, what do they want to hear?” …and try to play to them… this is insulting for them (+/- 2:33)