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Category Archives: mystery

everything in its own time
to meet is merely chance
a bump of heads
an embrace of love
it’s all choreographed in the dance


being an ardent student
for over 45 years
of things musical…
sonic expressions
human and other
space and movement…
my unexpected, and perhaps somewhat unwanted conclusion thus far,
is that you don’t play music,
…the music plays you



maybe chaos is not what the commonly accepted definition suggests?

could it be that what we regard as chaos is merely that which our foolish short-sightedness cannot comprehend?

should what we see as chaos in reality be the plans of man?

…plans to build a virtual tower that reaches up into the vast heavens

to make a name for ourselves lest we be scattered amongst the debris of nothingness?

to exalt our stature even above that of the multiverses themselves?


… could this be true?
could it really… ‘fade away’?

heaven forbid!

however, ‘fade away’ is a fairly good description I think.

… ‘fade away’ suggests more possibilities than a total disappearance
perhaps it may well fully ‘fade away’ … but it may never disappear…

perhaps it will just change shape…
perhaps it will simply morph into a new identity… slowly, silently, unperceivably, immeasurably

in fact, maybe it has almost achieved this…

a simple facelift
a little mystical Botox…
a little quantum ‘nip&tuck’
a cunning but deceptive ‘knows’ job

what if science itself is the new “Zionism”?

the new exciting world order
bringing definitive order to the previously unexplainable

… the new exciting world order
which at this very moment is seeking to establish its own Holy Land,
… its own “Jerusalem”

perhaps it even already has a new set of high priests… ?

…what does one make of the Richard Dawkins’ and the Neil deGrasse Tyson’s of the new world order?

the new religious world order?

…are these perhaps the new popes and televangelists of the new religion?
fading stealthily in…
after the previous regime ever so clumsily fades out…?

equally fundamentalistic
equally dualistic
equally passionate holy war lobbyists
militant pilgrims and enforcers of their own exclusive doctrine…
holy champions of the new state…
… the mystical mystery of scientific materialism

these new fervent revolutionaries?
encoding their own new holy cannon…
complete with a doctrine…
a new doctrine… like that of the previous religious leaders…
understood by the extreme few
yet enthusiastically liturgically incanted
by a vast body of mostly misinformed and ignorant followers
singing hymns filled with memes
flooding the reverberating halls of the new cathedrals…
the sacred, holy, social networking cathedral halls of the World Wide Web…

these fervent revolutionaries
in search of some hidden celestial cave in the side of some far away holy mountain
sealed for now in some hidden hubblesque probe
sent out there in the vast unknown, mystical wilderness…
faithfully awaiting some mystic goat herder-like space explorers
to hopefully stumble on the silicon scrolls of wisdom and understanding…

….and these new religious leaders too, along with their newly exalted order…
after preaching an unfathomable heaven for all devotees…
will they too,
in time…
also ‘fade away… ‘?

“I am not leading a rebellion!” said the mystic peacemaker…

“…in fact, blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God…”  he went on to say…

“for those who sow in peace will reap a harvest of righteousness… to them is the kingdom of heaven.”

“…so be wise and do not forget that all who draw the sword will die by the sword…”

“…however, do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth … no, instead I have come to bring a sword… I have come to turn man against man, and a man’s enemy will be the members of his own household…”

“…and I send you out as sheep among wolves, therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves…so try hard to understand that there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens… a time to tear down and a time to mend, a time to be silent and a time to speak… for all things are made beautiful in their time … “

“… don’t be shocked,… this can be very difficult to understand.  … and truly, it is not in any way easy to grasp what is being done from beginning to end…”

“…when I sent you without money purse or bag or even sandals, did you lack anything?”

“nothing…” they said.

“…but now if you have purse, bag, and sandals take it… and if you have no sword, sell your cloak and buy one…”

“for these are the days for those who understand the times and know what to do…”


way out
in the infinitely immeasurable
‘out there’
is a place of space
that originates
deep down
in the infinitely unfathomable
‘in here’

hmm, … yes, good sound reasoning applied in the video …
however, near the end the narrative suggests that the case against there being a purpose in the universe is extremely strong to anyone “who sees the universe as it is rather than as they wish it to be.”…
… this causes me to reflect that perhaps if we are willing and able to be as objective and “empirical” as we possibly can we would need to reconsider that in all our so-called advanced cognitive abilities and developed observational and deductive/reasoning faculties we see an extremely minute percentage of the data that is “out there”
also, to “see” vast chunks of that which we regard as scientific knowledge we are presently utilising and operating “empirically” with devices (technological and deductive) that we have created and developed for ourselves in order to “see” the things we cannot see with our own eyes
as a result we conclude causes, events and structures that together serve to build our “empirical” scientific world view….

… is this not exactly what the “religious” or “spiritual” mind does in attempting to make sense of it all … specifically, operating on sensory intuitive techniques and some other devices we have created for ourselves (belief systems, theologies, mythology, metaphor, etc.) in order to “see” and explain the things we cannot fully understand or ‘prove’ empirically? …  thereby concluding about events causes and structures that actively build our “spiritual” worldvview?
… call me a skeptic if you will, but there is many a time where I personally cannot shake the idea that even the most empirically educated and enthusiastically outspoken scientist is as driven and filled by “faith” and hopeful blinkered subjective passion as the most voluminously raving faith filled fundamentalist evangelist out there…

… and for us as participants on both sides of the great divide perhaps it may be wise to consider that to measure only the visible superficially discernible bits of the iceberg is profoundly foolish and very possibly perilous as well?

when I was very, very young

I had this crazy idea

that “outer space” was so big

and getting bigger and bigger

because our words,



never died

never stopped

they just got bumped around

and spread out

mixed with all the other people’s words


… that it was all like a huge balloon

that keeps on filling up

with more and more air

as we all breath out the breath of our lives…


we are equipped with 5 senses and we are pretty proud of that.

with these 5 senses we believe we can understand the universe in all it’s glory.

well, maybe the universe has more sense than that…

There has been an unusually high rainfall in our area of late.

The other day I drove past a massive tree perhaps more than 12 – 14 meters high that had simply fallen over across the road and workers had hacked away at it in order to move it out of the way of the oncoming traffic.

It was a strange sight to see.  The tree still looked very healthy and the leaves were lush and full.  The cross section of the cuts revealed a perfect trunk with no blemishes visible anywhere.  It was wonderfully healthy … except that it was fallen and now dead.

What had caused the tree to fall and die was neither weakness nor old age but in fact, health, vitality, success and significant stature.

This once majestic tree now lay with the bulk of its glorious trunk cut up in smaller ugly chunks, thrown together into heaps waiting to be unceremoniously hauled away probably for firewood or maybe even just to be dumped on some smelly refuse heap.

What had happened was that the rain was so unusually heavy that the ground had become totally saturated and could no longer support the weight of the huge tree with its strong root system that had held it secure and upright for decades.

In the heavy rains it had simply lost grip and it toppled over with luminously healthy grass still lush and abundant clinging to the base where the tree had once broken through the soil.

Water is a life giver and a life sustainer but under these conditions it was the agent of death to a seasoned and majestic life form.

The tree had done everything right.  It was a triumphant survivor, a perfect specimen of life and abundant health.  But now it seemed that it was exactly this great prosperity and the weight of this undisputed glory that had caused it to fall.

I couldn’t help thinking that if it were not so large and healthy it might have still be standing today.


The race is not to the swift, nor does the battle always go to the strong.

Bread doesn’t always go to the wise, nor riches to men of understanding.

Favour does not always come to men of skill, but circumstance, time and chance happens to all.