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Category Archives: perspective

the brighter the light
the darker a shadow is cast somewhere
what illuminates a path
can obscure anothers dream
to see is not enough
to have enough is not to see


we were right
they were right
but we didn’t know it
neither did they

we were also wrong

as beautiful as birds and other wildlife are in the wild, they seem to have no apparent need nor desire to stop and aesthetically enjoy the immense beauty of their natural environment.

instead they seem to unceasingly scuttle to and fro in what can only be described as the frantic pursuit of survival

humans, on the other hand have a heightened cognitive awareness… and we have time,… to reflect, ponder, plan and plunder…

yet we too seem to unceasingly scuttle to and fro in what can only be described as the frantic pursuit of survival

and this time we have on our hands is easily led… astray

… seemingly to devise much more sinister ways to order our frantic pursuit of survival …with which we are kept very, very busy



Apparently, if all the bones of all the creatures that have ever inhabited the Earth were preserved, the planet’s surface would be covered by a 3 km thick layer of animal remains.

Is this true?  …there’s no way to prove this because in reality, only a very small percentage of animal remains become fossilized, and these have a tendency, with the great passage of geologic time, to be recycled into newer rock formations in which all fossil evidence is lithified – metamorphosed – subducted – erupted out of existence.

It is estimated that only 25 – 30% of species are capable of being preserved in the fossil record at all: the other species are soft-bodied or have no preservable parts anyway. Sharks, for example, have teeth that enter the fossil record, but their “bones” are made of cartilage, and cartilage dissolves and is only rarely fossilized: aside from a few rare vertebrae, no skeletal pieces of Megalodon have been found so that we could estimate the precise size of the largest shark ever to have existed. It is estimated that of the nine phyla that include potential fossil-forming animals, of all that ever lived, in all of geologic time, 85 – 97% have never been fossilized at all. Fossils are, indeed, rare and finding them is never easy.

So, in the world of reality, perhaps it may be true to deduce that as ‘sound’ as deductive reasoning is, with only a small body of evidence to go on, it may not be all that ‘sound’ to assume too much with respect to the conclusiveness of our conclusions.

And speaking of deductive reasoning, maybe we need to ask just how much credibility or weight deductive reasoning really has?  Yes, without a doubt it’s about the best systematic idea we have at the moment, but as someone has already said, the one great weakness of a truly great idea is if it’s the only idea we have or hold on to.  To add to this problem there is the reality that even in human terms, from the evidence we have so far, our deductive reasoning is a fairly late arrival on the human scene. To make it even more concerning, if the full age of the earth as we know it to be (+/- 4,8 billion earth years) was represented in a full 24 hour day,  the arrival of humanity with our highly evolved and developed cognitive faculties happened at the very end of the very last minute of the very last hour of the same metaphorical 24 hour day.

Thank God for deductive reasoning – as some might say,  but reasonably speaking, can we really thank deductive reasoning for proving the existence or the non-existence of God?

Time and experience, these two sort most things out.  Our very real and huge challenge seems to be that relatively speaking, right now we have very little of either…

And something tells me that it’s not going to change all that quickly…

i play music 2

“I play Black music, thank you…”

this is a statement made by a prominent African-American Jazz musician

an outspoken, and as some would say, controversial musician who claims to be progressive, on the edge of new sounds, new musical innovations, new sonic horizons…


can one be controversial, avant-garde, cutting edge and “PC” at the same time?

in politics there are things which are very PC and very un-PC these days… it’s the nature of politics

but can political correctness be anything but conformity? … or a least a form of conformity?

breaking the mold, or molding the break?


to declare, “I play Black music, thank you…” is very PC, very acceptable, even admirable, commendable …especially if you are Black

… perhaps for some, ONLY if you are Black


is it not a politically motivated, politically sustained, politically aligned declaration?

but what about the other colours? what about the reds, greens, greys, yellows, browns, the blues?

what about white?


how PC would it be to declare, “I play White music, thank you…”

… especially if you are White?


how avant-garde is it to say you play anything other than just music?

…unless of course, all we are doing is trying to form another mold?

it has dawned on me that’s this pic tragi-comically seems to succinctly capture the full essence of the individual voter…

…let’s face it (you can laugh or cry about it, it’s your call/vote), … individually we’re no more than simply a fancy dressed clown lookalike, oblivious to how stupid we actually look from the outside, yet still faithful to the cause, …so beaten into submission by media bombardment, herded into a conformist, myopic concentration on only that which lies directly in front of our own eyes…

…but boy, oh boy, do we get stirred and passionate about it even though we know not where we are, who we are, nor what on earth we are doing

… and to add insult to injury we are stalked and published on the internet without our  knowledge nor consent, to be ridiculed by all and sundry…
(P.S. see you at the Mall, …we can just hang, you know… walk around aimlessly like good consumers and watch others also just hanging, and then maybe even take a few selfies as we go cast our votes at the polling station conveniently situated directly across from the Mall fast food hall)

personally, I have never placed my ear up close to a fruit tree or bush and heard it groaning to produce fruit…
once the fruit is grown there is no need for specific marketing strategies or active selling techniques, the fruit itself has its own specific place in the greater system and that is that
no consciously prepared advertising slogan, song or dance is necessary

if you have to try too hard to make things happen, you are an illegitimate life form, out of time and out of place, a weed, an imposter, a violation to the natural balance of the surrounding ecosystem you presume to be your home

a bewildering, naked streak down a neon, public tunnel,
wearing only a flimsy wallet loaded with lies
and unfulfillable promises


it’s the other side
that far away point
which always seems the darkest

light bends
and vision fails
shading turns to shadow
shadow to darkness

to move towards
closer and closer
brings more clarity
less shadow
more light

from where we stand
the far horizon looks blurred

movement is all it takes
not even strength
nor vision
perhaps not even wisdom
just movement


when making life’s decisions
be sure to use a wedge
there are two sides to every coin
and then there is the edge