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there’s a virus in my iris

a joke so sadly true

when you try to change the way I think

the truth just laughs at you


We know the mega-Earth is out there – and its massive | Science | The Guardian.

scientific community admits its 1st real “imaginary friend”

‘we know the ‘mega-Earth’ is out there – and it’s massive’

… no one’s actually “seen it” as such, but scientists at Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics have just announced that they know it’s there…

…in a follow-up press release the cosmological high priest of empirical worship, Neil “da-grass-is-greener-on-our-side-of-the-fence” Tyson, was also rumoured to have said that in the light of this he was once again calling on the mystic/paranormal/religious communities to come to their senses and repent over their speculative, intuitive, unsubstantiated insistence on believing in something which cannot be directly and unequivocally, empirically proved …

… afterwards at a celebratory cocktail party he was apparently overheard also saying, “yes, we’re all seasoned spin-doctors, … but come on, for God’s sake let’s at least try to be more realistic, shall we?”

Zuma in full flight

Yes, I totally agree that this particular individual as well as his whole regime is virtually irredeemably corrupt and clearly incompetent to run his/their own life and affairs, let alone a whole country … but having said that, can we continue to allow ourselves to be deceived?
To my mind this very sorry and clueless individual is no better or worse than any other politician out there or waiting in the wings for their shot at infamy.  They are all puppets and they are all the same.  Obama, Blair, Putin, Hitler, Idi Amin, Stalin, Pol Pot, … you name them – they’re all the same … vain, personally agenda’d, ego and power motivated, sociopathic psycho wrecks… just like you and me, come to think of it.

My take on the whole thing is that to get one to resign in disgrace or get them voted out, even assassinated, … let’s face it, whatever diabolical method we might fancy simply makes the space for another pathetic, narcissistic, empty headed slimeball to simply take his/her place.

Welcome to the Age of Enlightenment.  Welcome to the the age of government of the people, by the people…

Here’s a thought, perhaps it’s worth considering the possibility that we just play into the hands of the corporate puppeteers when we get deceived into taking aim at their well positioned puppets?
Perhaps by getting all heated over these people and issues which dominate our media and which get force-fed to us (including GMO issues, economic issues, green/eco issues, etc. etc. etc… ), we are allowing ourselves to simply be distracted and at the same time burning up personal attention, time and energy while in the dark background “Wicked Uncle Ernie” is freed up to “fiddle about”?

Maybe the joke is on us as we unwittingly license them to plunder us unhindered while we go on believing that we are making a difference, making things change? …. forming new organizations to regulate or combat existing corrupt organizations who themselves were originally organized to correct other corrupt organizations… (try work out what the common factor in all this is…)

Maybe in all of this we are simply distracted from pursuing personal morality, ethics, self control, self determination, an “internal locus of control” rather than an external one?
Maybe these are the real “power balls” the corporate puppeteers are desperate we don’t discover and access?

If one or two of us do they just take us out in one way or another (think Wiki-Leaks, Snowden, etc…)

Imagine if we started thinking?

A lot of us…

Maybe even ALL of us…

Not all together, in some inevitably doomed-to-corruption group or system…

But individually, thinking for ourselves… and finding each other along the road somewhere…

I know we all think we think all the time but do we really?

Doesn’t the TV and media do this for us?

Don’t the political parties and their mouthpieces do this for us?

Maybe if we really did think a little bit…

Just as a start maybe we wouldn’t buy their disposable consumer crap, or willingly fund their disposable political structures, or swallow their proposed superficial solutions, ideologies and other ‘-isms’, … nor fund their corrupt and criminal police? … nor pay the taxes and levies to them that inevitably line pockets of those who have manipulated their way into positions of political power instead of lining hungry stomachs and essential upgrades in infrastructure?
Maybe we’d even audit them?

Perhaps we would wake up and begin to stop enjoying being socially, culturally, economically, spiritually raped … and maybe we will begin to see it for what it really is, a diabolical violation of our personal dignity and individual sovereign integrity?
The way I’m speaking may now sound a bit disgusting, morose, even vulgar … doesn’t it?

It even sounds sick.

That’s good, because Yes, we are sick. Very, very sick.

What do you think?

Maybe we need to consider not shadow boxing anymore and deliver some knockout punches?

We may think we’re just spectators…

But in reality we’re in the ring already…
The rules are unplayable…
The ref is crooked…
The judges and match officials have been bought…
The media networks covering the fight are already paid off handsomely and have even been issued Q-cards…

It’s at the stage where a knockout punch is most probably all we’ve got…

… for how much longer will we hide behind clever sounding ideas and quotes made by others whom we have only heard of, … and remain satisfied within ourselves even though we are doing nothing at all, absolutely nothing?

“look at me!” they all cry…
but we can’t!
because we want you to look at us!
and you can’t because …


conversation/converse – to discuss, interact, speak with another, exchange, discover, invite another perspective

convert/converse – to change, turn around, convince, cause to face the opposite way, confront, cause another to hear your way instead

advertising/marketing = convince others to need and acquire, prevent them thinking, even to close down options

“converse” – 2 opposing meanings? or maybe not?


everybody talking at the same time  –  so few really listening


everybody seems to be wanting to influence others… why?


– is this all we are? … a 7 Billion+ lonely hearts club?



con·verse 1  (kn-vûrs)

intr.v. con·versed, con·vers·ing, con·vers·es

1. To engage in a spoken exchange of thoughts, ideas, or feelings; talk. See Synonyms at speak.

2. Archaic To be familiar; associate.

n. (knvûrs)

1. Spoken interchange of thoughts and feelings; conversation.

2. Obsolete Social interaction.

[Middle English conversen, to associate with, from Old French converser, from Latin conversr : com-, com- + versr, to occupy oneself; see wer-2 in Indo-European roots.]

con·verse 2  (kn-vûrs, knvûrs)


Reversed, as in position, order, or action; contrary.

n. (knvûrs)

1. Something that has been reversed; an opposite.

2. Logic A proposition obtained by conversion.

[Latin conversus, past participle of convertere, to turn around; see convert.]

con·versely adv.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.



there is no such thing as universal subjectivity
subjectivity is … subjective
when subjectivity gains a social conformity it is always at a cost
this cost is primarily to the individual
it demands a compromise that subjugates reason and sensibility and elevates primal insecurity in all individuals
it needs no policing because if any individual thinks, speaks or acts independently they are censured, marginalized and if necessary expelled
it is also at great cost to the whole group as it lowers the honesty, integrity, intelligence, morality, ethics, functionality, productivity, etc. … to the lowest common denominator
one of the most deceptive forms of social conformity is democracy
democracy is manipulative and coercive at its root and masquerades brazenly as individual and corporate freedom and power to and for the people, but in effect only emasculates a group or even a nation and reduces its value and effectiveness to the level of the scum at the very bottom of the collective gene pool
religion and capitalism are the identical murderous twins of democracy
it is difficult to say which came first, but they are all equally diabolical
socialism and communism are merely democracy at an even more mindless, vulgar and violent level

superficial depth

“So, what do you do?”

This seems to be the most common way we make the first step of exploration when meeting someone for the first time.

I know it is mostly very innocent and a customary socially appropriate exchange to boot but I can’t help thinking that it subtly and perhaps even bewitchingly encourages us to define ourselves not by who we are but by what we do.

With each and every one of us there are a multitude of things we “do” and none of these things defines us completely.  In fact, even what we do as a primary activity in our daily lives is for the most of us not what we would choose to do.  Most often what we “do” is a functional necessity usually linked directly to the most primitive of drives – that of survival rather than something that is a full and free-flowing manifestation of who we really are.

Apparently they say it has been proved that real job satisfaction is very rare in our times.

To add more to this suggestion our apparent obsession with desperately making it to each weekend (TGIF) is perhaps powerful evidence of this sad state of affairs.

Now this dominance of defining ourselves almost exclusively by what we do rather than by who we are may well be as a result of a gradual shift away from the entitlement of the aristocracy in history where worth and status in society was granted not by individual functionality or competence but by peerage.

Or perhaps it could also be a spin-off from the beginnings of the industrial revolution where focus on the worth of the individual was suddenly shifted and extended in terms of the specific function played in the production line of  life in the modern age of mass production and consumerism?

Either way I would think it’s perhaps more than just an interesting thought to entertain.

A fruit tree at the very earliest stage in its life may well be confused with any number of other sapling species to all but the expert botanist …but come maturity it will be defined by its fruit and all debate will then cease.

It is written in the ancient spiritual texts that a tree will be recognised by its fruit – however, it was the fruit tree well before it bore the convincing fruit declared it as such.

In these deceptive times perhaps our marketing saturated and superficially obsessed, materialistic society has succeeded in convincing us otherwise though?

So, how would you define yourself?

We live in an era saturated with branding, slogans, memes, pop iconography, subcultures, rampant pop media, fashion obsession, subcultures within subcultures within cultures, and a dominant worldview of citations, quotes, references – whether they be scientific, religious, literary, social, or even tribal.

Of late I’ve been thinking about what percentage of what we think is what WE ourselves actually think and what percentage of what we think is what others think?

I throw this out even though personally we may very strongly not think we think what others’ think influences us to think, say and do things?

… what do you think? … do we, or don’t we?

And what would it mean if we are offended at this thought or if our immediate response is that we haven’t really thought much about it?

Having been a musician virtually all my life I have often been involved in musical recording projects ranging from individual demo songs, to high-end popular artists albums, to movies, all the way across the spectrum to 30 second radio and TV advertisements recorded solely for the purpose of getting people to buy a specific product.

I have also been involved in many forms of “Christian” worship projects and meetings as a musician and on more occasions than I care to remember I have been asked or ‘instructed’ by the pastor/evangelist/preacher/teacher/worship leader etc. to play specific worshipful styles and songs with specific words, messages and cultural meaning that ‘set the tone’ for the message that they want to convey and to assist them in getting the desired response from the people.  (Usually this response is intended to be a good one that is meant to be specifically helpful to the audience in attendance – or so it is believed).

As a person who believes in what scientists might call “intelligent design” and what most religious folk might in various ways and forms refer to as “God” I have often asked myself what exactly we are doing when we do what we do.

I also believe that most of us are sincere in what we say, do and even believe (although there clearly are malicious deviants out there who intentionally manipulate others to gain personal advantage out of them. However, I believe these deviants are a small, lunatic fringe …. well, er, …I can only hope sincerely that I am correct in this personal belief).

Over the years I have begun to ask whether what we do as orthodox and sincere religious activity on a regular basis is rooted in basic and elementary aspects of our humanity (specifically our nature as physical beings in a physical world) that is more emotionally and sensually driven and not nearly as ‘spiritual’ or even as cognitively or intellectually based as we would like to believe it is.  I have often begun to ask myself whether the sense of the “presence of God” or the “rightness” of a spiritual way, thing or activity or even the ‘rightness’ of a specific community or religious grouping or order is really valid?  Is the sense we have, be it however intentional and well thought through, actually a link with the divine creator or a higher order of spiritual life or consciousness, or just an emotional and physical process of perception resulting in an experience that makes us feel that it is so?

We all want to be ‘right’ and we all want to ‘belong’ and these desires are neither good nor bad – they are natural, human, even instinctual.  They seem to be what we are, how we were created even.

The following link is to an article on some interesting research that I came across that introduces an interesting and possibly alarming angle on the way we tend to respond to certain stimuli.

(Anatomy of a Tear-Jerker) ~