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when hearts and minds are filled with nothing but hatred, revenge and greed
there can be no songs of peace
only the deafening drums of war will be heard
and all who dance to this tune will be struck blind
the charred soil will rise up to meet them
and their mouths will be filled with nothing
except the dust of death


the puppets rise to take the stand

to wear the mask and raise a hand

but who is it who pulls the strings

the god of greed or other things?

the heart of man is deceitful still

a plague for which there is no pill

yet one by one they take a bow

in hope to win the crowds somehow

slaves cannot be freed by slaves

though they preach great plans of better days

their words are hollow as they flow

they speak of things they do not know

the puppet-master mocks, he tugs the strings

the puppets dance, as he plucks they sing

truth like lies and lies like truth 

the hearts of men, 100% proof

the other puppets watch the show

they have nowhere else to go

they’ve seen the play many times before

maybe things will change… so they watch once more

each act is like a scene from hell

it’s all one can see from inside this cell

green pastures painted on the wall

but there is no smell of grass at all

loud songs of freedom fill the air

sounds to try block out despair

hope in hope is all that’s left

the orphans

the widowed



who is the fool,
tell me, who could it be?
the foolish, blind king,
or those who believe he can see?

who is the fool,
tell me, who could it be?
is it the fool of a king,
or is it you and me?

promises are promising
when the promise is made
but time is the judge of most things it is said
speaking with a forked tongue
cuts just as bad
as a stab in the back with double-edged blade

but who is the culprit
who could it be
the double talking promiser
or those who promise to believe?

they speak with forked tongue
cleft of lip
a jump to the right
on a slow sinking ship
it sounds like drunkeness
but is far, far worse,
a snake would be envious
of the hiss of this curse
honey rots
before hitting the floor
no more sweetness is left anymore
bitter tastes on the children’s tongue
but the swines puke on
their bile not yet fully sung
they dance on the graves
of those gone before
they stagger to the trip
it’s the dance of the whore

so many having a go at the Donald Trump’s & the Jacob Zuma’s…

but maybe it’s not them alone?

maybe it’s Democracy itself that is the problem?

a system that promotes & celebrates the lowest common denominator

the lowest common morality

the lowest common pathology

a system designed to elect the deranged idiot

the delusional sociopath

the easily pliable

placed in the diabolical hands of plutocratic greed & malice


how ironic…

the ‘Age of Enlightenment’

willfully supporting,

even worshipping

mindless ignorance

and cognitive darkness

why has so much journalism succumbed to propaganda?

asteroid 1

“Asteroids threaten the planet”  

interesting stuff?

yay! for a free and informative press…?

seriously though, what are regular punters the likes of you and me meant to do with this kind of info?

are we to respond by digging underground holes and prepare like doomsday preppers?

I’m no genius, but if a significantly sized asteroid comes our way, digging holes and stocking survival food is definitely not going to help us at all – not even full asbestos body suits will help… not even crash helmets

global warming doesn’t bring asteroids our way

neither does police brutality, political corruption or even genocide

shit happens, so do asteroids

“we have a right to know!” we all shout … “yadda, yadda, yadda!” is the first response that comes to my mind

realistically speaking, what can we do? petition our governments?

even if they listened to us what could they do?  …and why should they?  most, if not all government leaders are so obsessively focused on building their own personal empire and securing their own immediate future they can’t even dredge up the least bit of motivation to give a damn

I don’t know, maybe these ‘press releases’ serve only to instill fear and panic into the electorate?

I’m not one who believes the editors and journalists are all fully controlled by some secret governing body that enforces it’s own agenda on the hapless masses

I don’t know too many, but I do know some journalists who are extremely intelligent and very high on the ethics/morality/integrity scale

but let’s face it, sensationalism sells and sensationalism = profit – for the publication as well as for the individual journalist

perhaps what I am really saying is that fundamentally greed dominates, and what gets published is not what is right, good, correct or constructive… what gets published is what brings in the bucks

common “punters?” – yes, punters indeed – that’s us, that’s what we are…gamblers, that’s what we do… we gamble

we place our speculative bets at the polling station every few years and most often our chosen horse never even finishes the race let alone wins it

but we bet again and again…  that’s what punters do… habitual? – addicted?… nevertheless, against all hope we remain hopefully hopeless

but it’s our civil right, our civil duty… really? …isn’t it the lame and dead horses we bet on who tell us this before each and every race lines up for the start?

we punters live in an age of enlightenment yet we believe them every time and put all our faith in them… every time

now I’m also not one who believes in an organised conspiracy somewhere out there

there may well be one, I’m not closed to this possibility, but the reason I’m not a conspiracy theorist is almost exclusively because I’m convinced we are too dumb-ass stupid to get it together (on both/all/any sides of this diabolical equation)

my take on it is that it’s all a situation of rampant, unbridled greed, more linked to a warped interpretation and a skewed outworking of the most basic of primary instincts – survival

…not the survival of our species as a whole, rather the survival of ourselves – as individuals or at best a cluster of individually and collectively insecure, clueless, desperate, narcissists who are blinded to the collateral devastation of our own selfish, greed driven vain actions

macrocosm-schmacrocosm, microcosm-schmicrocosm, it’s all the same… there are no degrees of stupid

this same rampant greed and lack of empathy resides in the press as well as the “Illuminati”, the corporate CEO’s, the bankers, the politicians, whoever …yes, and in you and me too

maybe a reason for this kind of published doomsday asteroid article is to increasingly scare us into little insular pods, – like frightened ostrich-people? …unable to respond constructively, vote intelligently, participate functionally?

thank God for the age of enlightenment? … really?

maybe all this “enlightenment” has totally blinded us?

bring on the age of wisdom and real intelligence I say…

but that might well take hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of years at the rate we’re going…

…and let’s face it, chances are we’ll get buggered by some big-ass asteroid before anyone of us even reaches first base

Augusto Boal: “I believe in real democracy, not phony democracy.”

talk is cheap

speech is free,

we will have our say

in fact, we demand it…

but we will pay for it,

even though we cannot afford it