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…let’s talk about believing blindly in a convenient, non-existent, omnipotent God of irrational self-serving promises… shall we?
… nevertheless it’s a national religious holiday today… I wonder how many rationally minded, empirical scientists and even militant atheists are worshipping, er, oops… I mean, ‘voting’ today?… hmmm?


inevitable it was indeed
it was destined to happen
the stars foretold it
it all evolved
and behold
we dragged god out of nowhere
suddenly, out of nothing we spoke
and god became a living being
created in our image
male and female created we them
we breathed on them
the dust settled
and god became our convenient being


… could this be true?
could it really… ‘fade away’?

heaven forbid!

however, ‘fade away’ is a fairly good description I think.

… ‘fade away’ suggests more possibilities than a total disappearance
perhaps it may well fully ‘fade away’ … but it may never disappear…

perhaps it will just change shape…
perhaps it will simply morph into a new identity… slowly, silently, unperceivably, immeasurably

in fact, maybe it has almost achieved this…

a simple facelift
a little mystical Botox…
a little quantum ‘nip&tuck’
a cunning but deceptive ‘knows’ job

what if science itself is the new “Zionism”?

the new exciting world order
bringing definitive order to the previously unexplainable

… the new exciting world order
which at this very moment is seeking to establish its own Holy Land,
… its own “Jerusalem”

perhaps it even already has a new set of high priests… ?

…what does one make of the Richard Dawkins’ and the Neil deGrasse Tyson’s of the new world order?

the new religious world order?

…are these perhaps the new popes and televangelists of the new religion?
fading stealthily in…
after the previous regime ever so clumsily fades out…?

equally fundamentalistic
equally dualistic
equally passionate holy war lobbyists
militant pilgrims and enforcers of their own exclusive doctrine…
holy champions of the new state…
… the mystical mystery of scientific materialism

these new fervent revolutionaries?
encoding their own new holy cannon…
complete with a doctrine…
a new doctrine… like that of the previous religious leaders…
understood by the extreme few
yet enthusiastically liturgically incanted
by a vast body of mostly misinformed and ignorant followers
singing hymns filled with memes
flooding the reverberating halls of the new cathedrals…
the sacred, holy, social networking cathedral halls of the World Wide Web…

these fervent revolutionaries
in search of some hidden celestial cave in the side of some far away holy mountain
sealed for now in some hidden hubblesque probe
sent out there in the vast unknown, mystical wilderness…
faithfully awaiting some mystic goat herder-like space explorers
to hopefully stumble on the silicon scrolls of wisdom and understanding…

….and these new religious leaders too, along with their newly exalted order…
after preaching an unfathomable heaven for all devotees…
will they too,
in time…
also ‘fade away… ‘?


I’ve begun to think that maybe we desperately need to have an idol? … and a ‘physical’ one at that

… that maybe we’ve created “God” in our own image to substantiate and justify our very subjective world views … that we participate in institutionalized religious activities primarily to abate our own insecurities? … to try shift our shaky and subjective views as far away from their desperate subjectivity as possible by joining together with others who seem to share our beliefs … or at least a fairly similar perspective?  …joining together with others who seem to affirm the views and values we hope are true, … those who encourage us and make us feel good about ourselves and our frail choices… the ones we really never chose for ourselves, but that which we picked up from our own social and cultural contexts?

… and that maybe we are indeed profoundly frail … and that possibly we know deep down that our perspective is merely guess work at best

… but this is so extremely frightening for us, … some unmentionable

so we flock together…

just in case?

… and that it’s not really worship of God we seek to participate in and be part of, … but rather a grasping to hopefully obtain a sense our own ‘worth-ship’? .. as we stumble about, trying to make sense of our existence and the meaning of it all


… but maybe it’s all ok?

maybe God’s not so upset about this?


maybe God really is omniscient?

who amongst us would have guessed that?

and maybe God’s okay with it because at least we are searching … and hopefully asking questions?


and hopefully this is true?


… can I get an ‘amen’?

crucifixion 1a - matthias grünewaldcrucifixion 3 - matthias grünewaldcrucifixion 3 - matthias grünewaldcrucifixion 2 - matthias grünewald

…one of the other things that I think we have been deceived in/by (whether intentionally or not) is that we are told as an act of worship that we must intensely pursue the desires of our “heart” yet from the pulpit in virtually every church worldwide we are essentially bombarded with presentations of sensual gratifications of the eyes of the flesh (money strategies, offered prestige, power (church leadership positions (aka ministry) etc), spiritual and social strategies, promises of and methods towards marriage and personal growth, various spiritual concepts, rights and privileges, etc)…

even from the get-go we are presented with a “gospel” that promises Jesus as our servant – we are preached from the pulpit that “God will give us” … and that we will “be given” salvation for free, that “we will get” eternal life, eternal security, healing, peace, a new sense of community, love, better jobs, more success, etc, etc, ad nauseum) when in reality we have all these things already. … and it is only our blindness and unbelief that keeps us separated from such realities

the real message of the cross to my mind is that in order to be ‘restored’ to where we were previously (i.e. pre the fallen state as per the metaphor of the garden in Genesis) we are presented in the recorded story of the Christ with an example and a teaching as well as a clear methodology to “put to death” the so called “deeds of the flesh” and to walk daily for the rest of our time left on earth with this “cross” on our shoulders, … placed there by ourselves and with the constant reminder of the stench of our own death filling our own nostrils as well as any in our presence

this real gospel is not preached anywhere from what I can tell… indeed if it were it would reap the same reward as displayed in the story of the Christ

… the messenger will be betrayed and crucified by friend and foe alike and at the end will have no followers save a mere few trembling who are the only ones who truly understood anything at all

imagine that gospel being preached every Sunday?

naked forest

could it be that the biggest deception we have been caught up in is the focus on a single point of conversion?


we faithfully remember the exact day, time, and event when we first believed… and we carry this as a banner of our dignity and rite of passage into eternal security and present and future salvation


but strangely there is no account of Jesus ever taking any individual behind the Wailing Wall, handing him a “4 Spiritual Laws” booklet and telling him to, “repeat after me….”

yes, Jesus spoke of being ‘born again’ but that was once in a specific confrontation with a religious ruler named Nicodemus… and in the epistles Paul writes conceptually of being ‘born again’ to a living hope…


but both Jesus Christ and Paul the apostle spoke of dying daily, not only once… and communion (proclaiming the death and resurrection of Jesus) is not done only once as a lasting and final eternal event, but as something extremely important to be done as often as we eat together…


… and this “dying daily” idea was spoken of by both in graphic detail


the metaphor of life and death points to a seed which is planted inside soil and grows…. like a natural seed the seed of the spirit may indeed seem to have a measurable chronological beginning but that seed like the natural seed faces life and death every second of its life from that point on

from the very beginning it is involved in a perpetual struggle for life and this struggle is what brings the strength of character and establishes the longevity and fruitfulness of the life


just the same as a seed that dies, falls to the ground and germinates does not immediately become or remain a fully formed mature life form could the same be said of the spiritual seed?


perhaps the biggest problem could be that one single eternal and immutable event can so easily result in an ushering in a of a rite of privilege… and there are no “rites” and privileges other than loving, serving and dying to ones self… at least this is what Jesus and Paul seem to be suggesting to my mind

and if this attitude of rite, rights and privilege is established could this be a root contribution to the apparent shallowness of true spirituality in our lives?


so many Christians (and followers of other belief systems for that matter) claim to believe yet so few seem to read let alone study the scriptural texts and even fewer seem to understand it


and it seems very apparent that most feel fully content to be told from a pulpit what to and what not to do


… and maybe the spiritual leaders really like it this way?


personal rite and privilege conveniently instills an attitude of superiority and elitism and tends to leave one feeling totally qualified, guaranteed recipients of absolute benefits with no responsibility nor personal application required


… perhaps much like the Apartheid system injected into the “White” minority in recent South African history and that which is being injected into the “Black” majority in the present


what could it mean to “die daily?”


in our modern world of instant gratification and self actualization, individual rights, demands and democratic freedom how would this all work itself out?


and with all the feel good sentiment abounding from our TV’s and pulpits (religious and political) does this not seem like a huge negative, … a heavy bring-down?


or maybe these passages need to be erased from our scriptures…?


…. or maybe these emo-depressive meme-spinner Jesus and Paul characters need to be fully exposed and defrocked for the negative killjoys they clearly are?


…. or could it be that by thinking and believing we died once and that is enough we now are really well and truly dead?





the figurehead
the head of the figure
hung in mocking steel

the body broken
broken again
and again
struck twice
many times

crisis crossified
for our convenience
for our pleasure
to give us our wants

the body
made up
of fleshly flesh
declared to be god
and that which stands under
lifts itself up

displayed in robes of gold
divine protection
behind bulletproof glass

open sky pillow
now obscured
stain glass and steeple

the guards that took the first away
now protect the second

god of man
risen of man

but it is our doing
we made it so
it is not over there, away from us
it is over here amongst us
the devout

we, who will not hear the voice
we refuse
to this day we do still
for it booms in silent thunder
and strikes like rolling lightning
with darkness shining through
it speaks foreboding mysteries
unmentionable tales
dark sayings
unmentionables that we cannot bare

but he will be resurrected…
and again
we make our faith sure

and he shall stand

the pope…
whose scandals
we are not worthy to untie

for lent

so the pope is to step down…

… well, to my mind this is actually a most wonderful thing for “catholic christians” and indeed for christians everywhere  –  as this is a window of opportunity for them all to reconsider the bullshit they’ve been force fed about papal authority and church leadership in general

if the pope was as ordained by God as the catholic church would have us all believe then who made the mistake now that the present pope is stepping down?

did God screw up or did the church?

who never saw it coming?

regardless of  which way this is answered it exposes the carnal domain of the papal institution and opens up a wonderful opportunity up for millions to be set free
… and before anyone gets all up on their high-horse about this being an anti-catholic attack, I don’t for one second see the “protestant” church any differently

… if the church leadership of today (universally and I mean inter-faith as well) had any remote residue of ethical or righteous fibre they would all step down from their illegitimate platforms of coercive political power and follow the example of Jesus Christ as clearly portrayed in the new testament text instead of the manipulative, economic based, socio-political business pattern they justify as the spiritual truth.
… with all spiritual sincerity and worshipful respect I shout a most robust and enthusiastic “HALLELUJAH!”

may it be that all his cardinals and bishops, priests and pastors follow in obedience

Tigger - King of the Beasties

“When I walk in, just think of me

as your humble servant.

I know you’ll wanna all bow down.

That’s okay, I deserve it.”


This is part of the lyric of a tune in a Winnie the Pooh episode entitled, “King Of The Beasties”

What is the mark of our age?

… the sign of our times?

What would you say to be the indicator on the litmus test of humanity?


Could this simple lyric describe the footprint we leave in the sand of our generation?

Could this be the dominant chunk of  social inheritance we will leave behind for history to record?

…in politics?

…in business?

…in religion?


in fact…  in every and all aspects of life as we have made it…

hand puppet

Today I read through a very long and passionate argument on Facebook mostly centred around the issues of sin and inheriting the Kingdom of God.
It went this way and that and there was some fairly good debate but I think what really impacts me is the seemingly programmed nature of our comments and how in this age of freedom of speech, self-determination, the advance of technology, the abundant increase of knowledge and unlimited access to information etc. we still seem not to really have a personal, individual voice.

We all seem to speak mostly out of the residue of our subconsciously primed culture in such an overpowering way, seemingly without any idea that we are mostly regurgitating triggered memes – the published popular opinions of others.

Just to look at how many of us who follow Christ and who celebrate the claim to have a personal ongoing and intimate relationship with God seem to mostly react by quoting scripture (often out of context) to throw at any seemingly “controversial” issue.  Also often catch-phrases heard or read from gospel pop-star preachers or spiritual meme champions on TV, the internet or on CD’s and DVD’s.

Jesus proclaimed truth and seldom if ever quoted text and reference …

He would frustrate most by using non-religious terms and objects… using everyday experiences, drawing gold from mundane events and common themes.

He never indulged in lengthy quotation of biblical text (except for the one passage he read out from Isaiah in the synagogue one Sabbath)

He was practical, personal, intimate.

… and in this we all seem to agree… that he spoke truth.

However, we remain mostly confused…

… with multitudes of variations on what is considered truth

… and in our incoherent take on truth we abound almost exclusively with quoted text and reference.

often lengthy and so ambiguous that debate itself is frustrated.


Have we not got an opinion?

Have we no personal ideas?

… no personal ideas birthed in personal experience

…. from walking with God

personal experiences that we can speak of in normal conversation?

…in relevant, regular, everyday terms and language?

… just like Jesus did….


And yet we all claim to follow him…

to walk with him, …

… to be his disciples

to talk with him daily





There is a saying that goes, “a Freudian slip is saying one thing and meaning your mother.”