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Category Archives: riddle

it was a chance event
and as luck would have it
our luck ran out
now what are the chances of that?


it is said that there are two sides to every coin

if so, which side is truth on?

is truth perhaps in the middle?  … or maybe neutral?

and if truth is in the middle or ‘neutral’ …

is the middle exclusive or inclusive?

what if truth is on neither side?

what if truth is on its own side …

and what if we are on our own side?…


what if there are no sides at all?




can one have a master who is able to show the way to be free?

is it possible for the free to have a master?





…many will rush about to increase knowledge…

and knowledge will continue to abound

but the twisted will continue to be corrupt.


while the candle wax is still warm the wick is twisted

…and when it has set who can tell the left from the right

or the live from the neutral

… truth from the lie?


none of the wicked will be able to understand

… but those who are wise will


to challenge a fool in their folly can drag one down to the level of the fool…

…but the fool needs to be challenged lest he becomes wise in his own eyes


so beware of the spin doctors

… those who conjure up lies and sell it as wisdom

to be comfortable in their spell

… or even to follow their example

it may not seem to be such a big thing at the time

… but like a tattoo

some things are almost impossible to remove


If the son of man was physically alive today would he be on facebook?

Would he have a twitter account?

Would he have a blog?

Would he host a television program?


Would he be monetarily very rich?

Would he start a theological school?

Would he be an international author on the best sellers list?

Would he be an international key note speaker or pop celebrity?


Would he have a church building with a parking lot, a ‘worship’ team, an official associate staff contingent?

Would he settle in any specific place?

Would he call himself the ‘senior pastor’? …

.. or ‘prophet’ … or ‘evangelist’ … or  ‘apostle’… ‘bishop’?


… or would he still insist on being  “the son of man”?


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