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… and in your players and supplications

in all your quest for peace and truth

don’t ask for answers
…because there aren’t any

ask instead for steps to take

for there are plenty of those to go around

it may not be the way you would choose

but the choice will surely lead the way

and if by chance you get there someday

you may not even know you have

because yesterday and tomorrow

will not matter anymore


it is said that there are two sides to every coin

if so, which side is truth on?

is truth perhaps in the middle?  … or maybe neutral?

and if truth is in the middle or ‘neutral’ …

is the middle exclusive or inclusive?

what if truth is on neither side?

what if truth is on its own side …

and what if we are on our own side?…


what if there are no sides at all?



it is almost impossible to get a person to hate and murder another if that person has no experience of being hated nor any real understanding of or reason to hate and murder another…

the same can be said of love and life…

living in a world

where science is shrouded by faith

and faith is clouded by science

one assuming the limitations of linear logic

to be universally all encompassing

the other attempting to justify a sacred intuition

with linear empiricism
the day might come

where faith is substantiated

and where empirical science removes the blinkers of self-determinism


but until then we continue to embrace each other with daggers unsheathed


one grasping at self ascendency

assuming be placed high amongst the stars


the other dragging the heavens down

to be strapped to the loins of mortal man



the most dangerous lies are not really lies at all


it is what we believe about ourselves

and the world around us – our own reality


this is not really a lie in the strict sense of the word…

but what we believe about ourselves

is the only perspective we have

and this is what makes it so dangerous …


a dangerous step then taken

is when we seek out and find others who agree with us

and if we find them

we then start locking down those shared perspectives


this is inevitable because we naturally seek out order in life

we naturally strive for equilibrium

and in this the truth is thrown up for grabs


this is not an intentional act of deviance …

because  we are by nature social, interactive beings

it is what we are

and it is what we do


but we never really seek for objective  truth…

(indeed, perhaps we cannot do this?)

instead, we seek for people and contexts

to support and qualify our already chosen and established decisions

decisions about what reality is for us…

decisions about what truth is


we ourselves are the easiest people for us to fool

because we trust ourselves

we can do no other


we only have our own perspective


perhaps only when we acknowledge this

perhaps when we give up our own trust in ourselves

perhaps when we cannot trust ourselves anymore…

perhaps only then will we begin

to truly believe


for me birthday wishes are much the same as memorial statements and sentiments at funerals
things are said and felt that are socially sanctioned, which seem to be appropriate. …culturalized memes in dealing with life and death
we say things that are acceptable and even respectful but perhaps we say the things that we would like to be heard said about us rather than what we really feel is true or the reality of the situation
birthdays and funerals may well be one of those things, in this case a ritual, that says more about us than the one we are mourning or celebrating?
perhaps we go to be a part of another’s event but in reality we go to our own event… or perhaps at least a projection of our own?
if we could be brutally honest with ourselves we might just be able to admit that we are profoundly confused by death and life… that we understand neither
most of us will declare that we are sure of these things but often those who shout the loudest do so to cover the deafening silence within
we are vexed by it all… yet we cannot acknowledge this publicly, not even privately to ourselves
so we lose ourselves along with everyone else in a socially acceptable ritual much like mist in a valley of confusion
we stand together in a shared hope and make declarative communal statements as if the louder we speak in unison the more we will determine another outcome in reality and in our own understanding … that perhaps we long to be seen to be known as a significant contribution in life and death, a meaningful, constructive and eventful part in it all
we’d love to be wished well at both as if this act might endorse our validity and cover the mist of the obvious illusion…
so in it we say not what is but what we’d like to hear
we act in accordance with the way we’d like things to be rather than the way things really are
maybe to be honest is unbearable for us to say or to hear being said. … so we tacitly agree to agree for our own sakes
and we choose to celebrate the illusion rather than align to the reality
… and if so, what does this say about us?
what would this reveal about our grasp on reality?
what would it say about our desire in the pursuit of truth as best we know it?
do we really seek after truth, or do we seek after an environment that endorses our preconceived belief systems?
what does it say about ourselves and our belief systems in general? … about the way we choose to place our faith in things?
is this act of communal ritualized faith the way we desperately want things to be like rather than what we deeply fear things really are?
… or is it what we have concluded for ourselves in unsubstantiated hope as the best we can wish it to be … as what we have chosen to settle for as the closest possible link to what we can come up with as a desired reality for our perspectives?
perhaps the reality of it all is that not to play this game of illusion is profoundly unbearable?
… and that it is indeed wisdom to be a participant?
… or not?

It wasn’t that long ago when we were all up in arms about the POIB (Protection of Information Bill) and the need to protect the freedom of the press and their responsible democratic role in informing the public about…

…me too, I also was mobilised. … the ANC governments diabolical attempts to cover up their rampant corruption and sinister underhand goings on are despicable to say the least …. (still ongoing … perhaps quietly gathering momentum under cover of the frenzied press maelstrom of Malema’s expulsion from the ANC – who knows?)

BUT, is this the press we were/are trying to protect..? … the press liberated, mobilized… and telling us … what? …

…what we want to hear? … definitely… or maybe what we want to hear voraciously piggy-backed on the revenues such repugnant and seductively sensationalized “press” will generate for their own greedy little coffers…

… or maybe it’s the press – that gaggle of educated, sophisticated intelligentsia hooked and dangling with hungry mouths agape as they are led along and played ruthlessly by a cunning master to provide the exact sensationalistic, diverting cover for other more sinister covert operations…?

so, is it about truth and objective journalism in the quest to inform and protect our floundering fledgling democratic society … or is it all about the money? … all about the “WIIFM” (What’s In It For Me)?

… and now, here I am … mobilized and once more up in arms about a leg…

… and the way it’s all seemingly such incredibly “Big Press” in a sick society perhaps gone to hell and back way before the end has even come…

silence needs no promoter

… silence speaks for itself

For those who wish to be active seekers of truth, understanding and who want to pursue the road to life there is a passage in the biblical text where it is said that the only way is to enter through the narrow gate.  It continues to clarify this by saying that wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction and many walk this way.

To clarify the point further it goes on to state that the true path to life is diametrically the opposite – that the gateway to truth and enlightenment is small and the road that leads to life is narrow, and only a few find it.

We praise our present system of democracy that rallies the market place to mass together and let their collective voice be heard.  We rally ourselves to actively participate in the democratic process to effect change, peace, stability, righteousness, fairness and truth.

I have often heard preachers and spiritual leaders proclaiming from their pulpits that it is the right thing to cast our vote and even that doing so is a duty of service to God and righteousness.

Could we possibly view our beloved democracy as a way to let the wide road speak?

Is this not what we are told democracy facilitates – that the opinion of the multitude be heard?  … that the masses be heard?  … that we, the people will govern ourselves, united, together, in peace and in harmony.

Maybe I’m missing the point here, but shouldn’t this be ringing a few alarm bells in our heads?