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the church and the state
the state and the church
the church of the state
the state of the church…

and there we stood,
all melted down
a puddle of murky goo
poor god
poor people,
what on earth can heaven do?


all the Twits
are all a-Twitter
but what we really need
is a home run hitter

meaning is meaningless,

though it may mean all the world to you.

you can say what you say,

but others will hear what they hear.

therefore, after all is said and done,

it is far better to listen than to speak.

big spec, age of ages

high tech, low wages

huge cognitive, no muscle

slow movement, fast hustle


truth screams loud, but ears blocked shut

of truth and wisdom, we have no glut

this erudite generation
demanding freedom
to be recognized as an individual
yet dressing, thinking, walking,
talking like each other

where are the agitators?
those troublesome few who say what we don’t want to hear
those vulgar disturbers
who see our socially acceptable synchronized swimming for what it really is:
the flaying deathstrokes of a drowning species in a stagnant swamp
a swamp of decaying humanity
bubbling in self-generated toxicity
each individual part
a sum of the whole
all joining willingly in the feeding frenzy of the present error
this great and mighty Day of the Lemmings
this holy day of feasting we have brought upon ourselves

we are the faithful generation
and we rise dutifully to the occasion
for we are the Great Electorate
for this is who we are
those who steady the hand of our own executioner
lest he strike in vain
voting in each successor of hangmen
with ceremony fit for a king of kings
and we pay for this great event
with our own lives
and those of our children’s children
in so doing we crown ourselves as fools of fools

where are the agitators?
why do we not hear their voice above the cheers of our own viral reality show
the show of all the ages
“Electorate’s Got Talent”

where are the agitators?
why is their voice not heard above that of our celebrity judge

the judge we have instated ourselves

and who is named “Simon Says”

where are the agitators?

where are they in deed?

just words
pretending to be more

empty grunts
clashing sounds
pretending to be full

hopeless words
lying sounds
vulgar burps

like gassed vowels
dissonant consonants
unpunctual punctuation

empty letters
filling space
wasting time

hopelessly wishful
pretending importance
full of missing promises

spitting through the teeth
through snakes fangs
full of hisses

insulting words
truthless tails
yachts without sails

I’m really not sure

where I’ll go when I’m gone

But I’m sure I’ll know more then

than I’m sure I know right now

“she has a history” they said… but that’s the only thing any of us have that’s in any way even vaguely measurable

do we really think that the God of the scriptures is happy with us incessantly quoting verbatim passages from the biblical texts like robotic machines set aside for exclusive parrot-fashion like recitational function?

would this not expose God as a dictatorial despot not at all interested in humanity expressing themselves creatively and honestly or with any of the faculties he himself created in us?

what kind of leader would want such response?  surely the pattern in the gospel texts of the life of Jesus the Christ reveals the opposite?

and did not Jesus himself say that the legalistic nature of the preceding Mosaic law was surpassed by the freedom and creativity of  the vibrant indwelling spirit of the living God?

surely the fact that there is no record of Jesus ever sitting the apostles down to take down textual dictations of memes, quotations, systematic methodologies, legislation and liturgical processes is testament to something quite opposite to what we have evolved into in the ‘church’ of today?

should we not be fearing that we have become even more legalistic than the religious leaders of Christ’s day?… having twisted the message of grace and freedom into a deeper bondage to human power and coercion?