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a scream from within
swallowed while still going out
a solo voice against the wind
ending before it begins

a hollow echo
bread thrown across the waters
drenched and pulp-like
sodden and shapeless

there’s no one to hear
and even less who would listen
so it’s back to the mirror for now

a reflective monologue
scattered in all directions
dissipated even before it gathers

there is only me
I have only what is mine
whatever that is

but I raise my voice
in hope of a response
even an inarticulate sound
that I may know
that against the silence
and just perhaps
that I am not alone


it’s all very stimulating and the immediate and future benefits seem very enticing but perhaps a question that needs to be asked is if the net is really working in our new age of networking?

things are definitely brought together in a net but usually the togetherness is as a direct result of being trapped

science is revealing more and more just how connected we really are and for some this is very encouraging, for others disturbing

nevertheless we have constructed a man made cyber system on top of this natural interconnectedness and we seem to celebrate it with relish

I can’t help asking what we have left behind or perhaps even subdued that we feel we need to construct a superficial community when we are so naturally and amazingly already connected?

… we read in the ancient texts of how the creation is the handiwork of the Lord and that even the heavens reflect the glory and the wonders of the creator

… and I agree… without hesitation

like most I am indeed overwhelmed

and with intense awe I sample the wonders of it all

… the wonder of supreme design expressed in every facet of what I see

… even in the suggestive echoes of that which I cannot see


a most intriguing mystery for me is the disproportionate spatial dimensions of ‘space’

specifically the minuscule amount of solid matter that seems to float so precariously isolated amidst the vastness of it all …

the basic math of it is staggering…

… perhaps significantly far less than 10% of all the universe is solid matter (planets, stars, moons, suns, meteorites, clumps of rock, whatever…)

… just hanging there somehow… no hooks or pulleys, no platforms or solid scaffold substructures are visible and most seems to be moving silently and apparently effortlessly in gravitationally negotiated orbits…

all locked together and balanced by a kind of mystically ethereal, invisible glue

but all this matter simply hanging there in space is far less mysterious to me than the apparent reality that it is surrounded from every angle with …


… nothing


and even more amazing to me is that this nothing seems to be a staggering 90% + of everything

… and from what we can tell, this disproportionate amount of nothing is made up of ever expanding ‘space’

… ever expanding distance that is filled mostly with vast stretches of space

extreme emptiness

huge vacuous gaps of almost endless separation…

… there is significantly more nothing out there than there is something

… and this, believe it or not

is our reality

… and to throw another spanner in the works, the quantum physicists seem to suggest that it is equally as spacious and vast “in” there as it is unimaginably spacious and vast “out” there

… as eternally infinite “inwardly” as we can attempt to conceive of it being eternally infinite “outwardly”…


for me this is a truly amazing set ideas


a wonder that comes to mind almost immediately for me is

… if the heavens declare the fingerprint or footprint, even the glory of God

what might this suggest about the creator?

or the very nature and character of God?

what might this be saying about God’s relationship to us?

and his own relationship within himself?

why all this space?

maybe the space is very necessary?


and seeing that we are created in God’s image

… what might this be suggesting about our relationships with each other?




the most dangerous lies are not really lies at all


it is what we believe about ourselves

and the world around us – our own reality


this is not really a lie in the strict sense of the word…

but what we believe about ourselves

is the only perspective we have

and this is what makes it so dangerous …


a dangerous step then taken

is when we seek out and find others who agree with us

and if we find them

we then start locking down those shared perspectives


this is inevitable because we naturally seek out order in life

we naturally strive for equilibrium

and in this the truth is thrown up for grabs


this is not an intentional act of deviance …

because  we are by nature social, interactive beings

it is what we are

and it is what we do


but we never really seek for objective  truth…

(indeed, perhaps we cannot do this?)

instead, we seek for people and contexts

to support and qualify our already chosen and established decisions

decisions about what reality is for us…

decisions about what truth is


we ourselves are the easiest people for us to fool

because we trust ourselves

we can do no other


we only have our own perspective


perhaps only when we acknowledge this

perhaps when we give up our own trust in ourselves

perhaps when we cannot trust ourselves anymore…

perhaps only then will we begin

to truly believe


so, how does it feel?

maybe the only real path ahead is a drive back to real community?

real relationships, real interaction, real honour, respect, really extending dignity to others – especially strangers, the strange, the cast-outs, the rejected, those who are simply different to us.
maybe the greatest command really is to love one another? … and maybe it starts with you and me .. one on one … one at a time?

can we see that we are living lives of alienation and that we are effectively herded into smaller and smaller compartments?

can we begin to entertain the possibility that we are effectively being conned (by everything around us and even ourselves) into believing we are each specialists and even now led to believe that we are connected intimately through technology and our sophisticated political and social post-modern environments?

maybe we’ve been herded into pseudo communities of all forms; political, religious, social, churches, economic sectors, mosques, synagogues, causes, temples, ‘secret’ societies, sports clubs, environmental action groups,  … whatever?

maybe we have begun to believe that these bring us together and keep us together – perhaps they are what’s keeping us apart?

maybe we’ve begun to even lie to ourselves?

what about it?

could we begin to conceive of authentic community again?

we structure godliness without you being present

explaining your ways without walking with you

building towers without foundation

opening doors that lead nowhere

hiding the ancient paths

stopping up the ancient wells

clenching the fist to trap the wind

rejoicing at what we say we have caught

selling it all for just 30 pieces of silver


It’s a lonely, stormy neighbourhood out here. We seem to have settled somewhat but we keep our distance. It’s best for all that we keep our distance. Somehow, like moths to candles we have gravitated towards unique orbits around each other, or so it seems. Some circle others who are in turn circling others themselves.  Some seem so far away that they are not circling anyone, but they are. From time to time we get a little closer but this tends mostly to produce more storm activity on our surfaces.  The conflict of intimacy is a tacky reality but there’s something in us or around us that pulls us relentlessly to move closer. It’s almost like being caught in a circle and we can’t stop spinning.  Something pulls us away while at the same time almost equal yet opposite forces pull us apart. Eventually one or the other gives in. It’s a morbidly intense ordeal. The fascination is one thing but the encounter is wholly another. Is it apparently better that we keep our distances? The only way we have is to try tolerate and absorb the turbulence as a normal day at the office.  Maybe we just have to remain content to watch each other twinkle away at more than a healthy arms length?
Mostly it’s pretty cold out here which is amazing considering the heat of the initial explosion back in the day, but that was a long time ago. Seems we’ve lost track of time, sense and sensibility since then but it’s almost like someone smacked a mysterious bonfire and completely dispersed everything to a stormy cloud of turbulent embers, floating frantically outwards.
So here we are.  It’s mostly quiet as we all seem to have our minds on our own things although there’s the endless static crackle of seemingly chaotic data that streams out randomly in all directions. We float in packs, distorted clusters of celestial orbs having avoided crashing into each other somehow in melted times past, but now in a relatively stable state of turbulent truce.
Somehow perhaps we decide that there is some form of tribal link and we feel a resonance to persist with the notion of similarity and build into the investment almost unconsciously.  Sort of a clinging to that around us perhaps in an attempt to dispel the ever-widening expanding space that rolls out into countless horizons which seem to point to the vastness of empty nothingness out there.  Our orbits are all we have really.  As cold as the expanse is it’s the only warmth we can generate. The formation of our constellations is the only order out here, or so we think.  So we cling to it whether we like it or not.  We have to like it.  Perhaps we have no choice?