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we want, demand new government
but then we will want, demand again
and again we will demand to be free
free from the choices we previously made
and the circumstance that followed
we, the ungovernable
wanting to be governed
by a government who are themselves endemically ungovernable
demanding that they themselves are to remain unaccountable
to govern in freedom without external controls
uncontrolled by those who demand to be governed anew
to be governed by those who will listen to them
and do their bidding
so we vote again
and again


if there are no orders

someone will make them

natural order simply is

it poses no demand for obedience

true obedience is nothing but submission

submission is nothing but surrender to selflessness

selflessness seeks no control

selflessness neither desires nor resists

why has so much journalism succumbed to propaganda?

Augusto Boal: “I believe in real democracy, not phony democracy.”

more than 35 million people around the world are trapped in a modern form of slavery (according to a report from the Walk Free Foundation)

* forced labor * human trafficking * forced marriages * debt bondage * commercial sexual exploitation  etc.

what about the role of Democracy in all of this?

does present day Democracy help or hinder?

could it perhaps be argued that Democracy itself presents a charade of freedom, personal autonomy and individual self determination?

could Democracy be seen as an effective herding of the masses towards a sociopolitical pen built exclusively for mass exploitation (slavery through consumerism by unscrupulous politicians controlled by warmongering bankers)?

could it be argued that Democracy is only a malicious front for big money, big power players?  …big financial players who enslave the vast majority to an artificially induced consumerist reality which is itself disguised slavery?

could it be that by voting in and for this charade which we call Democracy, the unwitting electorate are effectively selling themselves into slavery?

if so, the figure of 39 million should be changed to being possibly much more than 95% of all the people in the world… not so?

as far back as ancient history animals like dogs, cattle, sheep, elephants, horses, etc. were being domesticated by humans through selective breeding. the more wild and untamable ‘alpha’ beasts were rejected, usually killed or eaten, and the weaker, more docile were allowed to inter breed with each other.  this of course flies in the face of natural selection as in nature the physically, mentally stronger and better equipped of a species, the leaders and demonstratively dominant usually made it through to be selected by their own kind as prime breeding material in order to give that specific species the best possible chance of survival.
as a result of this human manipulation slowly but surely the selected species temperament changed and eventually settled into a corporative compliant, submissive nature that naturally slotted into the role of that of obedient servants, beasts of burden, if you will, fit only for specific menial tasks and often even specifically bred for slaughter as a convenient food source. the removal or even slaughtering of the superior, more aggressive and dominant in the species was an essential part in the process of manipulation in order for the species to be fully dominated and brought under submission.

yet surprisingly today, even amongst the so-called intelligent and educated of our species, there is still huge amazement and confused alarm at the apparently senseless, increasing violence of police and other defense force services as tools of the ruling  government against the citizens they say they are serving and protecting…


the criminally insane

casting ballots

at the annual inmates general election

a mock formality

while the guards look on

smirking as the folly unfolds before their eyes

a form of mockery

the masses queue up

fighting, jostling

to elect one fool

over the other fools

one fool to be king

for a while

just for a space in time

only  a space in the minds …of those who play the game


to be king

the king of fools

a fool of a king

the new ruler of the bent and corrupt

vying for the worthy title of “THE FOOL OVER ALL FOOLS”


so we all raise our hands

arms outstretched

with elbows locked as if in mortal combat

fingers arching outwards, then clawing in and slamming shut

like the desperate tentacles of dying sea anemone

desperately clinging

to some precariously endangered coral reef

grasping at the loose sands

the frail winds of empty promises

arms then return to our sides

filled only with the imaginary substance

of that which we hope will sustain us


and we all strive

with all our imaginary might

to make our mark in the air

random sparklers in a fantasy sky

vanity, chasing the wind

like the fools of the fool

believing we have caught it

that we have indeed captured the wind…


and so we tell ourselves that we’re happy

until the next time…

but indeed

we, the mindless

fossils with no fuel

we are faithful to the task



… could this be true?
could it really… ‘fade away’?

heaven forbid!

however, ‘fade away’ is a fairly good description I think.

… ‘fade away’ suggests more possibilities than a total disappearance
perhaps it may well fully ‘fade away’ … but it may never disappear…

perhaps it will just change shape…
perhaps it will simply morph into a new identity… slowly, silently, unperceivably, immeasurably

in fact, maybe it has almost achieved this…

a simple facelift
a little mystical Botox…
a little quantum ‘nip&tuck’
a cunning but deceptive ‘knows’ job

what if science itself is the new “Zionism”?

the new exciting world order
bringing definitive order to the previously unexplainable

… the new exciting world order
which at this very moment is seeking to establish its own Holy Land,
… its own “Jerusalem”

perhaps it even already has a new set of high priests… ?

…what does one make of the Richard Dawkins’ and the Neil deGrasse Tyson’s of the new world order?

the new religious world order?

…are these perhaps the new popes and televangelists of the new religion?
fading stealthily in…
after the previous regime ever so clumsily fades out…?

equally fundamentalistic
equally dualistic
equally passionate holy war lobbyists
militant pilgrims and enforcers of their own exclusive doctrine…
holy champions of the new state…
… the mystical mystery of scientific materialism

these new fervent revolutionaries?
encoding their own new holy cannon…
complete with a doctrine…
a new doctrine… like that of the previous religious leaders…
understood by the extreme few
yet enthusiastically liturgically incanted
by a vast body of mostly misinformed and ignorant followers
singing hymns filled with memes
flooding the reverberating halls of the new cathedrals…
the sacred, holy, social networking cathedral halls of the World Wide Web…

these fervent revolutionaries
in search of some hidden celestial cave in the side of some far away holy mountain
sealed for now in some hidden hubblesque probe
sent out there in the vast unknown, mystical wilderness…
faithfully awaiting some mystic goat herder-like space explorers
to hopefully stumble on the silicon scrolls of wisdom and understanding…

….and these new religious leaders too, along with their newly exalted order…
after preaching an unfathomable heaven for all devotees…
will they too,
in time…
also ‘fade away… ‘?

The press has been saturated with the passing of Nelson Mandela.  
Our country is emotionally charged as time and change seems to be pressing on relentlessly.  
People come and people go, it’s the way of the world…

At the official funeral procedings the other day our present democratically elected leader, Jacob Zuma, was boo’d and hissed at as he took the microphone during the official proceedings.
One man departs as a hero, a model of virtue and integrity.
Another man stays behind, but does not follow in these footsteps and he will leave no such heritage.
People come and people go, it’s the way of the world…

For many years now I’ve heard quite a bit about the importance of us needing to “shape the young nation” for the future… to shape and steer this fledgling democracy into a stable and prosperous tomorrow. This has come almost exclusively from the mouths of people who are more or less around my age (50-ish) and older.
It sounds like good wisdom doesn’t it?
Under certain circumstances it most definitely is.

However, the more I speak with the younger generation the more I tend to hear a very different idea rapidly emerging.
They seem to not want our dinosaur opinions nor our advice.
They seem to think that the “wisdom” we feel so honour bound and obliged to pass on to them is endemically defective, that in fact, it has caused all the crap we live with now.
They don’t want or need our racist obsessed issues, nor our anal need to “resolve” the issues of the past.
They just want to get on with a new present.
They have no desire to drag a dead and rotten past into their future.
They seem to be sick and tired of our historically locked crap, and our need to perpetually try justify ourselves.
You know what? I don’t blame them.
In fact, I fully agree with them.
I think they’re 100% right.


the politicians hypocritic oath:

the dodgefull art of inequantity

when all that is to be gained

is what is in front of me