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Does he suck his thumb at night when thinking back on the day…
Of the plans and procedures he secretly fudged in so many ways
In fright does he quiver at the pain and mayhem caused
Or does it not even bring even a second of reflective pause
That he filled his own plate and drained his oversized mug
rubbing his huge gut with a full face all smug
While the rest of the many wept silently in pain
For inside they all know it will happen again

The lust for more continues to dull his eyes
And fills his lips with even more filthy lies
So he justifies the abundance of plunder he has seized
Saying “this is just what my country needs”
The few get more and the most get less
And the rest… well it’s all just a godless mess

The once oppressed victim is now the oppressor
The great hero revolutionary is now the slave boss of the lesser
His singing of songs, dancing and casting of spells
Increases in might as it dries out the wells
in the hearts of the people who will queue, longing to be quenched
While it’s increasing poverty and oppression in which they are drenched

But they still seek for their heavenly king to unfold
Who will retell their story with glories untold
Patiently holding hands with ancient tradition
In desperate, blind hope they volunteer…
a suicidal mission

And who will stand up and speak up for the masses oppressed?
The obscenely salaried politicians they say…

…who would have guessed?



we all have an achilles heel
those of us who work out diligently in the gym
have more visible ones

in the land of the trees
the bark is of far greater value
than the bite

the old blind owl took a peak
to see what he could see
but it was dark again that day
so he saw only as much as you and me

opening the eyes is not enough
as is the idea of sight to the blind
what one cannot see
can very rarely enter the mind

to be, or not to believe

that is the answer

maybe science and religion are mixing their metaphors

like a paradox fighting over the same bloody bone

a fervor leaving all but themselves stone cold

tangible mysticism backed up by the masses

tele-vagelistic physicists and law-locked preachers

all pontificating from their own little book

proclaiming laws

apart from each other yet locked together

forever in bondage to their own circular reasoning

running away from each other

yet forever keeping their distance

there is nothing more closed, mind you

than a mind that refuses to be open


She Calls Her Rarely Seen Body Type ‘The Model Of The Future,’ And It’s Redefining What’s Sexy.

ethically provocative

politically real

socially direct

personally challenging

brutally honest

culturally correct

harmonically precise

I’ve been up to the mountain
(not the one in my head)
the view from the top
wasn’t what they said

the mist was thick as soup
the clouds were dark and grey
no matter what I tried to do
it just wouldn’t go away

they told me it was good
they told me it was bright
but as they said these words to me
their eyes were filled with fright

I stared deep into the darkness
maybe it was me?
I simply couldn’t grasp
what they wanted me to see

so instead I closed my eyes
but never looked away
that was when it all made sense
there was nothing more to say

it isn’t up the mountain
where we are meant to go
the mountain comes to us
if you really want to know

like hanging meat at the local butcher
the flesh of mans morbid absorption cures as it rots
like flies searching for a putrid spot to puke out their bile
and suck it all up again
an infected spot to insert a suppurating phallus
a thrust, deep into rotting flesh
so that deathly life can once again re-degenerate
into vicious morbid voyeurism
stalking spectator predation
a lustful, abandonment of feeding frenzy
public statutory rape
courtesy of the media pimps and drug lords
the perpetrator and the victim blur into each other
while no one seems to mind one rotting bit
and everyone lustfully joins in the orgy
flesh gives birth to decaying flesh
abundantly thriving to die again later
only better then than before
until death itself
becomes the celebrated life we live

hand puppet

Today I read through a very long and passionate argument on Facebook mostly centred around the issues of sin and inheriting the Kingdom of God.
It went this way and that and there was some fairly good debate but I think what really impacts me is the seemingly programmed nature of our comments and how in this age of freedom of speech, self-determination, the advance of technology, the abundant increase of knowledge and unlimited access to information etc. we still seem not to really have a personal, individual voice.

We all seem to speak mostly out of the residue of our subconsciously primed culture in such an overpowering way, seemingly without any idea that we are mostly regurgitating triggered memes – the published popular opinions of others.

Just to look at how many of us who follow Christ and who celebrate the claim to have a personal ongoing and intimate relationship with God seem to mostly react by quoting scripture (often out of context) to throw at any seemingly “controversial” issue.  Also often catch-phrases heard or read from gospel pop-star preachers or spiritual meme champions on TV, the internet or on CD’s and DVD’s.

Jesus proclaimed truth and seldom if ever quoted text and reference …

He would frustrate most by using non-religious terms and objects… using everyday experiences, drawing gold from mundane events and common themes.

He never indulged in lengthy quotation of biblical text (except for the one passage he read out from Isaiah in the synagogue one Sabbath)

He was practical, personal, intimate.

… and in this we all seem to agree… that he spoke truth.

However, we remain mostly confused…

… with multitudes of variations on what is considered truth

… and in our incoherent take on truth we abound almost exclusively with quoted text and reference.

often lengthy and so ambiguous that debate itself is frustrated.


Have we not got an opinion?

Have we no personal ideas?

… no personal ideas birthed in personal experience

…. from walking with God

personal experiences that we can speak of in normal conversation?

…in relevant, regular, everyday terms and language?

… just like Jesus did….


And yet we all claim to follow him…

to walk with him, …

… to be his disciples

to talk with him daily





There is a saying that goes, “a Freudian slip is saying one thing and meaning your mother.”

Gus Silber (@gussilber) tweeted this last weekend – “Samsung have survived & thrived through mimicry; Nokia & RIM have failed by being themselves”

– is this to be the epitaph on the grave stone of modern music?… revealing that as an “industry” it has survived & thrived through mimicry and the pursuit of materialistic gain … with artistic integrity, authentic creativity and originality having all failed by being themselves?

and what about “worship” music and the religious gospel music “industry” which seems to follow these same materialistic trends in a vain attempt to be more “relevant”… what will its epitaph read?

… and what about these “IDOLS” type shows?

… what part have they played in the wholesale rape of authentic art and the dignity of ethnic cultures and their authentic art? … and all for the sake of materialistic gain

… and what about these “celebrities” who steer this cancerous rape of art and culture by sitting on the sensationalist and manipulative judging panels just to further their own careers … what will their epitaphs reveal?

… and what about us? … what will be our legacy? … we who watch and applaud like perverted voyeurs as this cultural and artisit rape happens before our very eyes?

i can’t help but wonder just how much of Jesus is still left in the jesus culture we have created?

pop! goes the gospel!


for he’s a jolly good fellow!


… and so say all of us!