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Tag Archives: denial

it’s when the defect strikes
and it all goes wrong
that little slip
which goes on and on
repeating itself
for all to see
the beginning of the end
for you and me

but we think just enough
to believe we know more
so we cover the glitch
we patch over the flaw
and we all raise one voice
in a united song
we talk to ourselves
saying nothing went wrong

we rewrite the maps
we alter the course
celebrating aloud
that it stopped getting worse
but just underneath
where the eye cannot see
is the future we’ve made
that we’re too blind to see


who do warriors turn to when they drop their swords and fall,

and who will pick up the double edged weapons and return to them their honour?

when the hearts of the people are locked in their own distended bellies

and the words of the prophets are willingly captive to the thoughts of the thoughtless

is it then finally time for the stones to scream out?

and the rocks to shatter under the relentless gaze of the angry sun?

for the water to evaporate before it touches the soil

and for the children to be dead before they are born?

when mankind celebrates high noon in the dead of midnight

and turns into victory the stench of suicidal defeat

it is time gentlemen, it is time!


sing us a song

dance us a jig

the song of the masses

the squeal of a pig

that together we may party

under the midnight sun

to imagine the good

that we say we have done

to comfort our own hearts

with crimes in sweet rhyme

the lies of the poets

in justification of our time


darkness can be no friend or delight

it hides only the arrow that flies by night

and light is even a darker foe

bringing only clarity of the darkness which we say we don’t know

exposing the folly of the race that we run

the path we stumble in vain search of more sun


it is not righteousness that the oppressed demand

but a chance to also oppress at their own will and command

so bad is good, and good is bad

an anthem of folly

the song of the mad


we don’t see
because we never look
we don’t look
because we like what we see
and so the lament
we refuse to sing
is called ‘we are lost, woe is me’

one tribe

trying to escape its past,


its future

both in denial…

of themselves

and the other

mud and blame

it’s all the same

but to pick up and run

easier said than done

silent bells


there was no sound

as the bell rang out

just a wave in the wind

a silent shout


a cry too late

and now we weep

we fell so far

the climb was steep


we thought we were good

we thought we were right

the day has now gone

welcome the night


… for how much longer will we hide behind clever sounding ideas and quotes made by others whom we have only heard of, … and remain satisfied within ourselves even though we are doing nothing at all, absolutely nothing?

it’s all smoke and mirrors…
we see nothing,
but we see it from every angle
we rush on
reviewing our every move
in 3-D slow-motion replays

the analysis of paralysis

yet we tell ourselves we’re happy
and strangely,
the majority of us seem to be

or at least,
… so we tell ourselves



earthen vessels

these bodies of clay

the smell of death is so real

it just won’t go away


the spark is down deep

where the lights are kept low

where the air is so thick

and there’s nowhere to go


it glows dim in the night

barely keeping ablaze

the gaps never close

it keeps slipping away


to tackle the task

is the way of a fool

there’s no grip that will last

it’s like trying to run in a pool


it’s death that brings life

at least that’s what they say

but to drop it and walk

is a hard game to play


so we close our eyes

try to have us some fun

but there’s no compromise

better dead than half done

there’s a huge flightless feathery bird

that eats stones

and it looks like it hides its head in the sand

this is not the truth

but it is

known by scientists as the struthio camelus

but by signtists and the little swallowed pebbles

it is known as the multi-tickle arse-stretch