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The hired hand can never be God’s hand.

No matter how gifted the hireling may be no one can serve two masters.

The gift will be spoiled though it glistens like diamonds and pearls.

The hired hand will either hate the one and love the other, or be devoted to the one and despise the other.

One cannot sing the song of heaven and the song of man at the same time.


We lay down by Babylon’s rivers.

And it was there that those who remembered Zion wept

How could they sing the song of the Lord in a strange land?


God cannot be bought.

God cannot be hired.

Is it possible for God to be in any way involved in such a transaction?

When the hired hand comes into the service of the master how is it possible for there to be any sincere heart honesty towards that master?

How will the master know whether the hired hand is serving him or the hired hands own selfish ends?

And how will the hired hand know whether he is serving God or his earthly masters selfish ends?

And if the hired hand is to serve the purposes of God how can he serve his human master at the same time?

His head and heart will be divided and his destruction will be inevitable.

And his destroyer will be his earthly master.

And folly will be the lot of both the master and the hireling.