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it was all just a dream he said
each night as he laid down his head
he closed his eyes and went to bed
that is how he fell asleep


it’s not the cards one gets dealt
it’s the way you play your hand
everything is relative …especially immediate family
time and chance happens to all
circumstance is defined through observation
to adapt and survive is the most noble of achievements
everything else is vanity
a pursuing of shadows
frantically grasping for the wind
chasing handfuls of emptiness
living dreams without substance
never able to be truly shared
and no real story to tell
better a skillful dodge
than a boastful wish

the dream was a good one

or so we had thought

but once we’d put the money down

it wasn’t what we’d bought


a promise is a promise

a wish we hope is true

but once we make our little cross

there’s nothing we can do


when the walrus does his little dance

from far it looks like fun

but when the lyrics reach the ear

one only hears umshini wam


what it means is just a guess

and what is said is seldom done

but from what we now begin to see

only a few are having fun


a little boy in old mans clothes

a childhood filled with stress

was it this or something else

that got us in this mess?


the heart of man is what it is

we carry it together

but when the heart is fully unleashed

there’s nothing one can tether 


the best made plans of man 

in the tome it is said

cannot be bridled nor controlled

when the heart is dead


a democracy of twisted hearts

at breaking point entwined

knotted firmly in hopeless hope

in demand of a better time


the mouths that once promised peace

a rope of hope, in hope itself

now dangling from the hangman’s pole 

with great dreams left on the shelf


but still the masses sing the song

and dance until they sweat

but when the dust finally settles down

they’re no more rid of their debt


“the time has come!” 

says the walrus song

but before they’d even finished singing

the time had already gone

in the dead of night
as we lie asleep
is it as loud in your ears when I scratch my head?
or when I shout inside
can you hear it like a faint whisper if your head lays next to mine?
or do you hear the thunder?

and during the day
the echoes of the storm
do they leak out from behind the noise of our everyday lives?
as I bump my head on all the low hanging ledges of my life?
and if I awake someday
will you still love me tomorrow?

on my wife’s birthday



on this, your day…

a day to celebrate

of times gone by

and still to come

of dreams fulfilled

some still to be

of thoughts of what was

and others of what still yet might

reflections towards the future

resolutions of the next

not knowing what might be

but being there still



wandering 2

don’t give up on the fugitive

we need him

though we don’t know it

for without him

we would never know the meaning of moving on


may the refugee in our hearts

keep breaking camp

may we hear him when we clatter

when we clumsily trip and stumble

over his hastily discarded pots and pans


now cold and stained

filled with half eaten meals

leftovers of dreams we once had


to feel his hunger

the burning pangs of a restless heart

is a gift from God

I stumbled off to sleep one day
the dreams came thick and fast
reflections of the night I live
present, future, past

events so vivid, twisted, real
all mixed in detailed mush
fiction science in flat 3-D
like Dali’s hallowed brush

and in a flash it stopped

I woke just as I fell off the brink
I left the world of make believe
at least that’s what I think

so here I am in wonderland
my heart is all a pound
trying to work out if where I think I stand
is really solid ground


Think We Haven’t Come A Long Way? Watch How Ridiculous Men Were Just 40 Years Ago..

as powerful as this video statement is in its own right and context, what impacts me most about it …

…is that it chronicles greatness and achievement in what is for me a more realistic, accurate and basically believable light

to my mind we are force-fed, even bombarded with strategies and techniques towards greatness and achievements by the meme guru’s in all areas of life…

we are pressured to buy expensive books and DVD’s, attend expensive seminars and specific ‘higher’  education institutions, to follow a series of specific steps, strategically address our thinking, follow specific doctrines or belief systems, change our personal habits…

… all this to ensure our individual greatness

in a lost and empty world

…desperate for significance and meaning

the more I’ve observed greatness the more I’ve come to see that the honesty and humble, basic passions of seemingly insignificant individuals has been the most profound catalyst for significant change and event in history … both of a constructive and destructive nature

greatness and significance cannot be manipulated by anyone…

it happens

…it just happens

it also seems that very few ‘greats’ consciously set about being great

they sometimes have a subjective ‘sense’ of destiny… perhaps

but mostly it’s just ordinary people

doing ordinary things

… with extraordinary passion and honesty


life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans    (allegedly – John Lennon)


I have seen something else under the sun:

the race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong,

nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned;

but time and chance happen to them all    (allegedly – Solomon)


like a glove

can be worn tight or loose

the embrace of a dear heart

or the tug of a noose


love is dreaming and wishing

running and fishing

chasing and being caught

maybe even being bought


there’s mystery and wonder

promises made

there’s hope being invested

deposits being paid


grabbing and loosing

and chasing what’s nice

bending on knees

paying the price


there’s ego and tingling

and sacrificial giving

chemicals cascading

goose bumps parading


there’s romance and passion

sensational feelings

surrender and fear

and logic that’s reeling


but, on the other hand

to balance all the saying

maybe love is dancing together

even when there’s no music playing



i don’t want to not be like you
but if there is the pressure to conform
at least give me a worthy target to aim at 

(Jan 2010 – for Caydn, my son)