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If I find myself in another’s dream

all I will find is that I have lost that which is my own

the reality that is birthed in the mind of another

can never be mine

it belongs somewhere else,



always tearing to be away and one at the same time

a famous cat locked in a box is and isn’t

it remains a slave

captive to someone else’s experiment  

those who look on will laugh and fight

and disagree that way and this

those who agree disagree with themselves

to be in two different spaces at the same time cannot be

though we yearn it can’t agree with us, or with itself  

time has a place

a space to be real

if only for a moment  

space on the other hand, needs no time

so time in space is rendered useless

except perhaps to define space

but only to those who observe

or so they think  

and what of space?

it exists alone, completely alone

unless it agrees to disagree with itself

and become someone else

or someone else’s experiment

more alone than before  

there is more space than not

this is a mysterious mystery

plain to all

impossible to see  

it cannot be  

but it is


I am a sincere believer and also a skeptic, …. initially I suppose by circumstance and observation (mixed with a cocktail of disillusionment and …. well, life in all it’s deforms) , … but then by choice and interestingly enough, a choice not based in despair and pain alone, but in hope and peace in almost equal measure.
I suppose my take on it all is that we cannot prove something by what it’s not, but perhaps we can disprove the rest by what (it) is?
So, for me the pursuit of what IS is a most noble journey with honesty being the chief weapon for the ensuing, inevitable conflict.
My humbled perspective is that if we are surprised by an existential belief we ought to enjoy it to the fullest, and in order to really enjoy it to the fullest we also need to explore as passionately as possible not the existential cognitive assessment of the details of our beliefs alone, but the very substance thereof.
If it stands, we stand, and we journey into deeper joy.
If it falters, we have the opportune privilege to deal with the disillusionment and even though the joy we once may have experienced may be substituted with some pain for a while we are still better off than when under an illusion, … and that too is a path towards, and not away from joy.
I have no faith in myself. Personal experience just being me puts this to rest very quickly and I don’t think I need any further evidence to support this decision.

But I also have no faith in my own reason (I conclude this on the same grounds as as stated above as well as on a cursory observation of history as we know it and ALL my fellow humans living today – God bless them ALL!!)
I am a faithful skeptic, surprised and shocked by what appears to be, …  and positively astounded by what contradicts it all….