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this erudite generation
demanding freedom
to be recognized as an individual
yet dressing, thinking, walking,
talking like each other


…that’s why I play drums

not to keep the beat

but to play around it

not a hitting thing

it’s more like missing

dancing in between

unspoken poetic colours

words like breath

it’s not the notes alone that count

but the spaces

the gaps in the time signature

there’s more in the spaces than in the notes

the great thing about writing poetry

is that it doesn’t have to be poetic

– it’s what they call poetic license

no one who chooses freedom pays a price

freedom is priceless,

it cannot be bought…

staying blind

whether intentionally or not

now, that’s costly

starting with your freedom

and then everything else

you never knew you once had

if we could only imagine reality
the possibilities might be endless
…or maybe not
what if the dam needed to imagine a plunging waterfall simply in order not to be a swamp
and a swamp in order to avoid being a perfectly endless dam
what if reality desperately needed an imagination to be truly free from the tedium of the predictable
and slavery the urgent, forbidden desire of freedom
an escape from the trap of endless perfection
the invention of mathematical science no more than the vain measure of desperate, faithful belief
what if imagination needed a reality to exist in the first place
…or maybe not

we will all have our little ones
and we will either sell them into slavery,
or raise them to be fearless kings

one tribe

trying to escape its past,


its future

both in denial…

of themselves

and the other

mud and blame

it’s all the same

but to pick up and run

easier said than done

the bait generation
self impaled
we love to dance
to squirm and jiggle
to sell
we are sold to sell
and we sell ourselves
look at me
buy me
I am bought
now we can be
so that we may all be free
we are the bait society
the bait generation

wandering 2

don’t give up on the fugitive

we need him

though we don’t know it

for without him

we would never know the meaning of moving on


may the refugee in our hearts

keep breaking camp

may we hear him when we clatter

when we clumsily trip and stumble

over his hastily discarded pots and pans


now cold and stained

filled with half eaten meals

leftovers of dreams we once had


to feel his hunger

the burning pangs of a restless heart

is a gift from God



slavery is when one is captured against their will and forced into subjugation

… when one gives up their own freedom, essentially surrendering themselves under the control of another it is something completely different

… it’s called “democracy”

so if one unwittingly plants a tree in times of folly it is twice as foolish when the season of fruit arrives to curse the farmer

it’s all very stimulating and the immediate and future benefits seem very enticing but perhaps a question that needs to be asked is if the net is really working in our new age of networking?

things are definitely brought together in a net but usually the togetherness is as a direct result of being trapped

science is revealing more and more just how connected we really are and for some this is very encouraging, for others disturbing

nevertheless we have constructed a man made cyber system on top of this natural interconnectedness and we seem to celebrate it with relish

I can’t help asking what we have left behind or perhaps even subdued that we feel we need to construct a superficial community when we are so naturally and amazingly already connected?