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Tag Archives: futility

a child
born in time
just out of line
a misfit traveler
in a strange land of strangers

who waved the wand
and gave the command…
did someone?
who decided it would be…
or wouldn’t…
did they?
the son of a misplaced son
found in a foreign land
the product of some decision
perhaps made before
who can know why
if even at all?

all is blurred
barely visible
reasons evaporate
answers flee
only questions remain
of plans perhaps made
but in sand, …while the winds blew
with the feet of men…
tramping through
what was written can no longer be read
if it was
we can’t know now
or then

sleep walkers
walking in the deep
interrupted steps
dreams incomplete
partly woken
in a confused state
disjointed, unappointed
perhaps it’s too late?

for some
peace can be found
even on the barren fields of war


the puppets rise to take the stand

to wear the mask and raise a hand

but who is it who pulls the strings

the god of greed or other things?

the heart of man is deceitful still

a plague for which there is no pill

yet one by one they take a bow

in hope to win the crowds somehow

slaves cannot be freed by slaves

though they preach great plans of better days

their words are hollow as they flow

they speak of things they do not know

the puppet-master mocks, he tugs the strings

the puppets dance, as he plucks they sing

truth like lies and lies like truth 

the hearts of men, 100% proof

the other puppets watch the show

they have nowhere else to go

they’ve seen the play many times before

maybe things will change… so they watch once more

each act is like a scene from hell

it’s all one can see from inside this cell

green pastures painted on the wall

but there is no smell of grass at all

loud songs of freedom fill the air

sounds to try block out despair

hope in hope is all that’s left

the orphans

the widowed



a man alone
together with the rest
missing the ball
but trying his best
together we fall
but we don’t tell a soul
to appear as a winner
is the ultimate goal

we want, demand new government
but then we will want, demand again
and again we will demand to be free
free from the choices we previously made
and the circumstance that followed
we, the ungovernable
wanting to be governed
by a government who are themselves endemically ungovernable
demanding that they themselves are to remain unaccountable
to govern in freedom without external controls
uncontrolled by those who demand to be governed anew
to be governed by those who will listen to them
and do their bidding
so we vote again
and again

because they were cross

they all made their cross

but then they were cross

so they made their cross again

because they were cross…

nobody really hears

unless they hear themselves in the words of others


we speak

only to hear the echoes of our lives bouncing back at us


it roars out there

the deafening silence

slapping back at us

distracting us from our loneliness


the emptiness of our lives


so we shout out

in hope that someone will hear

some scant reflection

a confirmation that we are still alive

or at least we believe so

or so we think


we listen

only to hear our own echoes

hoping that someday it may come

and find us unasleep

in hope that we are not alone


the march of youthful, grey-haired men

killing things to live again

to leave a footprint in the sand

spreading death by their own hand

they climb the mound and scorch the earth

their abundance leaves a trail of dearth

intoxicated, unbridled deeds

they fill the earth with fumes of greed

the tail is chased, the race is run

and of the winners, there is none

one lonely, desperate pencil mark
on a sheet of processed, printed bark
is the only voice they say we possess
to deal with all this morbid mess

a grant of ultimate, unilateral might
for the corrupt to plunder everything in sight
and once our mark is finally made
the funeral banquet table’s laid

and though the meal’s a bitter pill
we will eat until we’ve had our fill
and filled indeed we’ll surely be
for we are on the menu, you see

we must never forget that Zuma was democratically elected by you and me… one can’t vote for the “opposition” and then use this as leverage or an excuse when the unsavory get in to power… if we play the game we will live with the results according to the rules
… and the rules are themselves corrupt, biased, unethical, foolish, even idiotic… and those who play by such rules are classified by them

a bewildering, naked streak down a neon, public tunnel,
wearing only a flimsy wallet loaded with lies
and unfulfillable promises