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one day I decided to go to Heaven
when I got there I found no one else was there

it felt like Hell to me

so then I decided to come back to life
and I suddenly awoke again
only to find there was no one there either

I decided that meaning
was neither here nor there
instead, meaning was right now

heaven and hell
and everything else
is anything before or after this

so I abandoned hope and fear
lest I be disappointed
by hitting or missing the target of my own expectations

now each day feels like an eternity

it’s amazing what you can achieve
when you’ve nothing else to do in the day



heaven and hell

a powerful understanding amongst many is that of there being a “heaven” waiting for the faithful and obedient …

a glorious realm out there where a personified God dwells in all power, perfection, peace and presence

… a place that is reserved for those who are the faithful and obedient down here on earth…

however, as with all things there is always more than one angle to it all and in this instance a powerful statement is also made, …

“people will not say, ‘here it is,’ or ‘there it is,’ because the kingdom of God is within you”

it seems reasonable that this heaven is not somewhere else but actually inside us … not “out there” somewhere but “in here” somewhere… very close indeed

and perhaps not necessarily a physical place, but more a perception, … a tangible concept… a consuming state of awareness … a reality that stems from within … which flows up and outwards … perhaps like rivers of living waters?

an equally powerful understanding amongst many is that of there being a “hell” waiting for the unfaithful and disobedient …

some realm of eternal torment out there where personified evil dwells in all vulgar violation, violence and degradation

… a place reserved for those who are the unfaithful and disobedient down here on earth

… and perhaps not necessarily a physical place, but more a perception, … a tangible concept…

and as with all things there is always more than one angle to it all…


so it appears that there are these two opposites, heaven and hell

…two different places?

or perhaps two different ends of the same string?


… could it not be equally true that the kingdom of hell is within us…?

When it was asked by the religious rulers and dignitaries when the kingdom of God or “heaven” would come, the answer given was that the kingdom of God does not come to those who watch and wait for it, nor is it a place somewhere ‘out there’.

The Kingdom of God or “heaven” is within. *

What answer would we receive if we were to ask where hell is?

* Luke 17:21

and god created the heavens

and the hells…

did he?


maybe there is no hell prepared by god at all?

… that sounds good!

maybe too good to be true?


perhaps that may well be

but maybe we prepare one for ourselves


we are made like the creator

so we create

for ourselves…


all god prepares is a table

and the enemy present is choice

the choice between

the one, or the other

the other, or the one

and in our frantic wrath we store up more wrath

for ourselves

in ourselves

of ourselves

and when the plumb bob is dropped

on whom will it fall?

or as it swings to its place of rest

who will it strike?


could it be that because of our stubbornness

our unwillingness to yield and turn

away from us

away to the greater

that which surrounds all

which holds all

balances all

and which will not remain unbalanced

the great audit

to reconcile

to balance the books,

to see how these deeds weigh up against each other….

we are weighed in the balances,

according to what we have done

with the gift we have received

on our one hand?

our hand on the one?



maybe god isn’t even really actively involved at all?

perhaps he sits




cappuccino, deckchair,

the vast seas lapping softly at his feet

watching as the sun sets

and the sun rises

at the same time


he has set in motion all things,

even motion itself.


and we?

… and we have seized the responsibility for ourselves

wrested from the hand of the great gardener

whilst the saplings were still fresh and the first fruits had barely ripened

it was done

we did it

the first fruits were offered

… to ourselves

…… by ourselves

…. for ourselves

for us

and all hell breaks loose


flick the switch

light will reveal all

but light is not our friend

light always says too much

we can’t hide our motives

in the light

even dark is lit up

light the exposer

who is this enemy of ours?

we still choose

to snatch the responsibility

of distinguishing between the good and the bad


we eat freely from the tree of bitterness

it is good and tasty,

sweet to the eyes

fresh to the tongue

but bitter in the gut


we give ourselves the choice

the heart of democracy

democracy of the heart

and like every seed reproduces

and multiplies after its own kind

each choice divides itself again and again, and again, and again ….

and multiplies until we are divided

and each choice

each thought

each attitude of heart

each intent

each action

hidden or not

will finally be divided.

on the one side – what could have been –

and on the other, what was, what is …

and as a result, what is to come.

and the distinguishing between

will finally be extinguished

as all merges as our internal globe warms

and our ice caps melt

slipping formlessly into the seas


and like the gods we desire to be

we have decided the end from the beginning

for ourselves

god is innocent

we ourselves have drawn a line in the sands of time …

for all eternity

when time itself will be only a faint memory

and we have decided for ourselves


we have drawn the line

it is no other who draws it for us

with our great pen

the sword of our own symbolism

the symbolism of our own sword

in great calligraphic flair we have built our tower

we have signed our name

it is all in the book

and we are in the books

we each have our own chapter

and of the credits, who can speak?