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did you see the other houses down Memory Lane?
the time when you wondered
how the garlic and onions smelled and tasted?
the way they said they did when the others first heard of it

did it taste like they said it would
when it was first believed they did
when those who left Kermet,
those people of the Black Land
a land so black and rich
it was a dream so easy to pitch

so tell me, did you see the other houses down Memory Lane?
the last time you wondered there when it rained
and how will it look the next time you go again?
when you go there in their dreams…

we all go there

some of us never leave



one day I decided to go to Heaven
when I got there I found no one else was there

it felt like Hell to me

so then I decided to come back to life
and I suddenly awoke again
only to find there was no one there either

I decided that meaning
was neither here nor there
instead, meaning was right now

heaven and hell
and everything else
is anything before or after this

so I abandoned hope and fear
lest I be disappointed
by hitting or missing the target of my own expectations

now each day feels like an eternity

it’s amazing what you can achieve
when you’ve nothing else to do in the day


our strength leaks in
through the cracks in the floor
it’s life in the balance
that we can’t stand anymore
so we prop ourselves up
with a meme or a prayer
and we tell ourselves
there are sunny skies out there
but the walls can’t take it
and the doors just don’t fit
it’s not the size of the seat
it’s the fit of the sit

nobody really hears

unless they hear themselves in the words of others


we speak

only to hear the echoes of our lives bouncing back at us


it roars out there

the deafening silence

slapping back at us

distracting us from our loneliness


the emptiness of our lives


so we shout out

in hope that someone will hear

some scant reflection

a confirmation that we are still alive

or at least we believe so

or so we think


we listen

only to hear our own echoes

hoping that someday it may come

and find us unasleep

in hope that we are not alone


many a tear did flow

between the promise and the blow

a lie so sweet, so secure

who would have thought it was a lure?

so in the chorus line we stood

it sounded sweet, it felt so good

the bass grooved on and did its thing

man, that band could really swing

that was then, and this is now

the golden calf became a plow

and now it’s not even the Blues we sing

but a mournful dirge, with a sombre sting

for they spun a lyric filled with hope

from a stage with a scaffold and a stretch of rope

who would have known they dug us a hole

and we would be swinging from that pole

but hope is not lost and we goose step on

in endless pursuit of that evasive song

after all this is the day, humanity’s finest

with our eyes shut tight no one can blind us

there is a song
not yet sung
on lips
yet to be formed
an echo reaches out
beyond time
the refrain
to be heard
from beginning to end
for now it passes silently
only hissing air is the sound
a blast of silence
nothing is heard
expectations in imagination
await the call
as lips
though pursed
remain sealed
in hope
with faith unfurled

dangerous mountain pass

real resonance and harmony is never static

the movement and momentum that got it where it is has a latent energy

if this energy is not fed it quickly fades away

it fades so quickly, so subtly,

you hardly know it’s going

never knowing when it’s gone

the roar falls

deafeningly silent


to protect ourselves we modify our perceptions

unwittingly we validate our present reality

we enthrone it as some sort of luminous memory

atrophy: a trophy of good times past

force-planted like some toxic weed

a misplaced alien

an invading life form


in this swamp we soon get accustomed to the smell of rotting flesh

unaware it is our own

we convince ourselves it is sustaining energy

meat for our dry bones

we are dying in the same breath we breath

as we say that we live


the chord of resonant harmony must move on to the next expression of itself


fear of failure…

but it cannot afford to stop

or it will cease to be

if it does

it soon becomes predictable

a clanging drone of dull thumps

a pulse nowhere near to any living heartbeat

but celebrated as such


it is dangerous out there

this is the truth

there are impassable mountains to climb

unfathomable valleys to cross…

but how else will true resonance and harmony be heard again

unless we scream into the cliff face

scream as we cling to life

edging on…

one finger shift at a time





there once was a time

we know not when

‘but it’s past’ some say

‘will it pass again?’


some say ‘yes’

and some say ‘no’

but even if it were so

we’d never know


for if it passed before

and we missed it then

what chance is there

if it comes again?


then let us hope it never was

so then we still can dream


just because


dew bells

morning broke silently today

it left no debris

only the illuminated promises of a new day

heard in the birdsong


and fresh hope

sprinkled delicately in the dew

on freshly washed plants


and our task for the day?

that we may facilitate our time

that when evening falls

we may return the favour

above the clouds the sun is shining,
in the dark of night it keeps blazing on through,
though it seems like it may never come,
very soon it will dawn on you