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Tag Archives: ideas

there’s this shocking idea

that the road of folly that leads to destruction

is wide and well traveled

that the vast majority walk this way

a way paved with good intentions

a happy road

filled with pleasure

bulging with easy access


like all things

this shocking idea has another shadowy side

not a nice side

mostly unpleasant

a side not well frequented

few if any find it

and it’s not at all popular

in fact, it’s a side so out on the edge

it’s a whole different road

a road that seems almost to track in tangent

a lonely road

of brokenness and mourning

desolate and empty

bumpy and not marked

there are no signposts

it is not even found on Google maps

actually people don’t find this path

in reality they can’t

instead, they seem to find themselves on this path

usually on their knees

not in prayer mind you

but in pain and suffering

because they have stumbled and fallen

rather, the path calls them

then falls on them

and being bruised and broken

they have no strength to keep on walking

it’s too painful

too difficult

so they stay on bleeding knees

mostly it’s quite embarrassing

bitterness and pain are foul companions


almost reluctantly

they get up and keep walking

the humiliation keeps them moving

it takes time

but eventually they walk

some even run


we’re so full of new ideas these days

but strangely,

this idea has been with us all the time


ideas – we are full of them    some good, some not at all

i might actually be amongst the most guilty of us in this

we publish ideas rampantly    first we did it in print but now we mostly do it on the interweb

we blog   read blogs   – we even blog about blogs

right now i’m even blogging about blogging about blogs   (pass me my pills would you please?)

we are made this way – to be able to think about our thinking  and to express these thoughts  –  to symbolise our thoughts and ideas –  to construct them into comprehensible form and to share these ideas with others

but then i had another idea … maybe i myself am an idea?