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I was browsing on my browser
and my browser browsed me
so I asked myself
if it’s really true what I see
or perhaps, instead,
maybe it’s only it who sees me?
or could it be my selfie
who thinks that I see?
but then my vision was clearly confused
and my little brain became somewhat bemused
because my selfie just stood there
still as could be
with those overposed eyes
staring right back at me


it’s all very stimulating and the immediate and future benefits seem very enticing but perhaps a question that needs to be asked is if the net is really working in our new age of networking?

things are definitely brought together in a net but usually the togetherness is as a direct result of being trapped

science is revealing more and more just how connected we really are and for some this is very encouraging, for others disturbing

nevertheless we have constructed a man made cyber system on top of this natural interconnectedness and we seem to celebrate it with relish

I can’t help asking what we have left behind or perhaps even subdued that we feel we need to construct a superficial community when we are so naturally and amazingly already connected?

I’m an avid internet user.  I post and read blogs all the time.  I love to gather information. I work online and communicate online.  I also play online.

Recently I have been made more and more aware of how big a part the internet plays in my life.  I’m sure I’m not the only one.

However, I am fast coming to realize that there is dangerous illusion in all of this.  I feel like I’m in touch with so many but am I really?  Even the data, the facts I hunger for and seek after, are they really the facts?

And then I saw this short TED talk:

Some time ago I posted on the topic of making contact and once again I am brought back to a nagging reality in my life.  How real is my reality?  And is the way I do things really helping?  I’d like to think so.  I’d like to believe so.

I look at the life of Jesus and with all the data he must have had at his disposal and alongside the huge importance of his message he seemed primarily focused on simply making contact.  But not just intellectually but basic, demonstrative, interactive, physical contact.  He had a message sure enough but it was his life and his example – his physical example that was the main thing.

He did speak and a lot is focused on and recorded about what he said.  However, he seemed content to speak almost exclusively in parables and live in a realm of mystery to those he was with and even still to us this day.

It makes me wonder about the data driven world we live in.  Even in our spiritual space and spiritual places we tend to major almost exclusively on the cerebral, the intellectual.  We sit docile and respectfully silent and listen to one person preaching, teaching.  Then we leave.  And we call this community, fellowship.

Online social networking means we don’t ever have to leave … or join.

Online there is no real us, …and no real me either.

But we choose to believe there is.

From reading and pondering I understand the life and times of Jesus to have been very noisy and even disruptive.  However, they were full of physical contact.

He touched, laughed with, cried with, walked with, talked with, loved, hugged, lay next to, ate with, rowed with, even died with.

Informal, very physical, tangible, close, unsafe, risky, messy, even smelly.

Physical contact, full physical contact.

For me the internet promises this, but it’s all merely a virtual reality.

And we seem to invest disproportionate amounts of energy to make it seem like we are actually making contact.

But are we?