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Tag Archives: origins

being an ardent student
for over 45 years
of things musical…
sonic expressions
human and other
space and movement…
my unexpected, and perhaps somewhat unwanted conclusion thus far,
is that you don’t play music,
…the music plays you


ideas – we are full of them    some good, some not at all

i might actually be amongst the most guilty of us in this

we publish ideas rampantly    first we did it in print but now we mostly do it on the interweb

we blog   read blogs   – we even blog about blogs

right now i’m even blogging about blogging about blogs   (pass me my pills would you please?)

we are made this way – to be able to think about our thinking  and to express these thoughts  –  to symbolise our thoughts and ideas –  to construct them into comprehensible form and to share these ideas with others

but then i had another idea … maybe i myself am an idea?

darkness hovers

brooding, covering, enveloping

deep waters above, deep below

the divide in between domains

distinction between the surfaces

a sky of separation, a gap dividing the depths

the deep above the shallow

below the deep below


molten, boiling, flowing, turning, toiling

empty formless swirling

that which lays beneath

still forming

swelling out and coming in

to go through and be gone through

colliding, fusing, scattering, straining, splitting,

melting heat flowing in abrasiveness

heavy energy

dark mass


moving outward

filling getting filled

exploding against colliding parts

fusion, confusion, diffusion, fused


a form of struggle for being

conflict in the manifold expanse

the ever present clash of presence

occupying space

breaking out



and then,

this idea

a spark of an explosion in the deep soul of the mind of understanding

another separation

no sooner the thought of light and it starts

the form of speed at the speed of form begins to form

the speed of light in it’s own light

a flash

so bright


upward, outward, away, within

expanding and contracting all around

the vastness starts filling

the vacuum expands

dark here, light there

like night and day