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it was all just a dream he said
each night as he laid down his head
he closed his eyes and went to bed
that is how he fell asleep


it’s all very much like reality TV according to the script

the more you buy into it the more you get ripped

in the dead of night
as we lie asleep
is it as loud in your ears when I scratch my head?
or when I shout inside
can you hear it like a faint whisper if your head lays next to mine?
or do you hear the thunder?

and during the day
the echoes of the storm
do they leak out from behind the noise of our everyday lives?
as I bump my head on all the low hanging ledges of my life?
and if I awake someday
will you still love me tomorrow?


If I find myself in another’s dream

all I will find is that I have lost that which is my own

the reality that is birthed in the mind of another

can never be mine

it belongs somewhere else,



always tearing to be away and one at the same time

a famous cat locked in a box is and isn’t

it remains a slave

captive to someone else’s experiment  

those who look on will laugh and fight

and disagree that way and this

those who agree disagree with themselves

to be in two different spaces at the same time cannot be

though we yearn it can’t agree with us, or with itself  

time has a place

a space to be real

if only for a moment  

space on the other hand, needs no time

so time in space is rendered useless

except perhaps to define space

but only to those who observe

or so they think  

and what of space?

it exists alone, completely alone

unless it agrees to disagree with itself

and become someone else

or someone else’s experiment

more alone than before  

there is more space than not

this is a mysterious mystery

plain to all

impossible to see  

it cannot be  

but it is

to rise above the primitive drives
to leave behind the base call of survival
to walk a path that no other has trodden
a path the natural eye cannot see
a place not defined by conformity
a land of new meanings
where purpose is not measured in material
but where material suggests the immeasurable substance

I stumbled off to sleep one day
the dreams came thick and fast
reflections of the night I live
present, future, past

events so vivid, twisted, real
all mixed in detailed mush
fiction science in flat 3-D
like Dali’s hallowed brush

and in a flash it stopped

I woke just as I fell off the brink
I left the world of make believe
at least that’s what I think

so here I am in wonderland
my heart is all a pound
trying to work out if where I think I stand
is really solid ground


above the clouds the sun is shining,
in the dark of night it keeps blazing on through,
though it seems like it may never come,
very soon it will dawn on you


it’s the unseen evidence that matters the most
like the fear in the heart at the thought of a ghost
the edge of the blade is truly a fear
but the thrust on the handle is far better to be near

lately I’ve been wrestling with the reality of the world we seem to have created for ourselves… and it’s not a pretty picture

we believe that due to our tremendous technological advancement we are more powerful than ever before yet so much seems to be no more than smoke and mirrors … and instead of being stronger than ever we appear more naked now than the day we were born

we all seem to live under an illusion of our own making – a personally convenient, subjectively desired perspective that actively shapes our own private reality

possibly one of the biggest enemies we face is the superficiality of the illusionary power of our cognitive intellect and the ascendency this has assumed in our thinking in this present age?

perhaps the only way we seem able to really and effectively help ourselves and others is governed by the extent to which we are able to tackle our own illusions

very possibly the biggest weakness of the ascendency of this dominant linear cognitive intellect is that it seems so easily to overlook the strongly suggested probability that the cognitive is merely only the surface 10% of the human “iceberg” which is slowly melting into history

it’s more often than not that it’s the submerged 90% of the human “iceberg” that floats, steers, determines and often sinks the whole psycho-social individual human package

… and the hotter we make it for ourselves the more the dark underbelly of who we really are is brought steadily to the surface only to be melted away by the light of the day



the most dangerous lies are not really lies at all


it is what we believe about ourselves

and the world around us – our own reality


this is not really a lie in the strict sense of the word…

but what we believe about ourselves

is the only perspective we have

and this is what makes it so dangerous …


a dangerous step then taken

is when we seek out and find others who agree with us

and if we find them

we then start locking down those shared perspectives


this is inevitable because we naturally seek out order in life

we naturally strive for equilibrium

and in this the truth is thrown up for grabs


this is not an intentional act of deviance …

because  we are by nature social, interactive beings

it is what we are

and it is what we do


but we never really seek for objective  truth…

(indeed, perhaps we cannot do this?)

instead, we seek for people and contexts

to support and qualify our already chosen and established decisions

decisions about what reality is for us…

decisions about what truth is


we ourselves are the easiest people for us to fool

because we trust ourselves

we can do no other


we only have our own perspective


perhaps only when we acknowledge this

perhaps when we give up our own trust in ourselves

perhaps when we cannot trust ourselves anymore…

perhaps only then will we begin

to truly believe