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Tag Archives: seeing

I was browsing on my browser
and my browser browsed me
so I asked myself
if it’s really true what I see
or perhaps, instead,
maybe it’s only it who sees me?
or could it be my selfie
who thinks that I see?
but then my vision was clearly confused
and my little brain became somewhat bemused
because my selfie just stood there
still as could be
with those overposed eyes
staring right back at me


the view is always internal

and upside down to boot

the external, merely an illusion

all conclusions remain moot


but yet we stand on soapbox top

uttering impassioned cries

to try to turn the minds of men

when all we trade is lies


we only see what we can see

and very few agree

the cost of seeing otherwise

will be the death of me


it drifts overhead

a shadow creeps across the ground

a chill shudder

a shiver sets in

a black shape passes ahead

passing, stopping, moving on


like a glitch in the matrix

a shift in time

a time in shift

a time in shock

will they notice?

those who see will watch and wait

most will not