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Tag Archives: self deception

it’s all smoke and mirrors…
we see nothing,
but we see it from every angle
we rush on
reviewing our every move
in 3-D slow-motion replays

the analysis of paralysis

yet we tell ourselves we’re happy
and strangely,
the majority of us seem to be

or at least,
… so we tell ourselves


beaten into fragments

herded into holes

chased into the inside

bending with the folds


leave me alone

I raise a stifled shout

I’m lonely and it’s dark

but dark is always better they say

when searching for an arc


a silent scream

a swallowed cough

a sneeze that never comes

a vacant breath

a heaving chest

words are never done


pressing on into the dark

to the corner of the pen

wanting to be released

but we burrow on again


we search for light

but there is none

we gasp again for air

we hold our breath

and take a break

and press on in despair


and above

the leaders celebrate

recalling days of old

singing songs

of victories won

the stories often told


but will our children have a song

will there be air to breathe

will they be able to walk tall

in the carnage we will leave


but still above

the leaders revel

and drink and loose the tongue

recalling days of old

and singing songs

of long past victories won


of stories often talked about

which will be told, and told again

to drown the stench

of recent days

and the ways of fallen men