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Tag Archives: self destruction

we called for our freedom
consulting prison wardens
we cried out for peace
in great generals gardens

and now we sit in a puddle of trouble,
calling for order to ease our woes
our heads confused and in a muddle
unable to tell our friends from our foes

so we speak to a box, with pencil in hand
to elect a leader from among our own clans
from an organized system
of con-artists and magicians
our next new consultants: corrupt politicians

all hope in the vote
our destiny beckons
the fuse is long
but a bomb explodes in seconds

the Age of Enlightenment
information abounds
but the people walk backwards
making strange sounds

our sticks and our stones
are graphene and oil
but the ape walks again
devolution at boil


the march of youthful, grey-haired men

killing things to live again

to leave a footprint in the sands

they spread their death with dirty hands

to climb the mound they scorch the earth

a song of peace is filled with dearth

“a lie, a lie, come lie with me

we speak the truth, as soon you’ll see”

and so the whisperer, loud and clear

screams in the silence for all to hear

our mother bleeds through gaping scars

as we look up to plunder Mars

truth like a new day dawns

lies spiral up in ascendency

the winds and rains wash the pollution away

but there is no end in sight

no vision to bring any end to it

welcome all

we are people of the lie

when we lie we speak the truth

we can do no other

with mouths filled with emptiness

we worship

the sun rises once again

another day spins out of control…

welcome to the age of consent

with all our seemingly unlimited brain power
there’s still this crazy, illogical, overpowering madness
a sinister shadow
lurking behind…
a subtle insanity
overriding everything
especially things civil
things sensible and constructive
things good and helpful
the wonders of advancing enlightenment
perpetually plagued
a dark cloud of self destruction
many promises,
but no rain
and in the end…
…there is no end

mad suicide

… the man stood at the top point of a very high bridge as the frenzied crowd gathered below…
he held the loaded gun to his head, cocked the trigger and yelled tauntingly,
“just one move to save me and I’ll shoot the hostage!”

“wait, before you do …. where did you get the gun?” the crowd yelled up at him in lustful desperation…

that’s us … we have achieved the unthinkable… we have invaded ourselves… we are resolute … and we mean business!