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Tag Archives: silence

there’s a poet locked up inside of me, waiting to shut up


the speaker can speak
as eloquent as ever
the hearer can listen
with earnest endeavour
but if the listener has no ears to hear
nor a ready heart to seek
then the speaker
will have no more words to speak
a voice of deafening silence
will be their common foe
and separately, both,
to the same place will go

nobody really hears

unless they hear themselves in the words of others


we speak

only to hear the echoes of our lives bouncing back at us


it roars out there

the deafening silence

slapping back at us

distracting us from our loneliness


the emptiness of our lives


so we shout out

in hope that someone will hear

some scant reflection

a confirmation that we are still alive

or at least we believe so

or so we think


we listen

only to hear our own echoes

hoping that someday it may come

and find us unasleep

in hope that we are not alone


it matters not

lest it matters at all

the height of the drop

or the speed of the fall

it comes from within

then it goes back without

the silence of scream

or the deafness of shout

silence is an answer too,
so be careful how you hear
the shout of the violent,
could be the whisper of fear

silence needs no promoter

… silence speaks for itself