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the stupid don’t believe they’re stupid
most of them don’t even know that they are
how could they?
the wise too don’t know they’re wise
unless they choose to believe the flattery of those around them

the one thing both have in common however
is that neither know the truth about themselves
how can they?
so they are the same

in the end it matters not
all is pointless
chasing after the wind


mad suicide

… the man stood at the top point of a very high bridge as the frenzied crowd gathered below…
he held the loaded gun to his head, cocked the trigger and yelled tauntingly,
“just one move to save me and I’ll shoot the hostage!”

“wait, before you do …. where did you get the gun?” the crowd yelled up at him in lustful desperation…

that’s us … we have achieved the unthinkable… we have invaded ourselves… we are resolute … and we mean business!

At lunch my 12 year old daughter let loose a ripping burp and sat there in the afterglow with a Cheshire Cat grin on her face. Once the cutlery and crockery had stopped rattling my wife said, “That is not beautiful, young lady!”

Now my wife may or may not have had a valid point at that moment but there was and is a time for a young lady to burp robustly. In fact, I can clearly recall just after a regular feed on the breast as a newborn we would not only allow a belch of such magnitude from our daughter, but would celebrate it enthusiastically. Colic relief is always beautiful at that tender age.

So who and what made the change? It wasn’t our children’s idea as burping was often immediate relief for them. Why would they change? However, they soon learned about our so-called sense of sensibilities and at some mystical point the celebrated ritual comes to an end as pressure is increasingly exerted on the poor child to stop what was once heralded as a tremendous achievement and is replaced with the custom of participating in something substantially more suppressed. It seems that eventually the need for socially appropriate, conservative behaviour dominates and the once essential, healing, practice is no longer acceptable. No wonder we are all totally confused and messed up as we get to adulthood!

I also recall how celebrated fantastic stories were when heard from the mouths of young children. It would be delightful for even the most conservative of mature folk to hear a rampant, youthful yarn of clearly fanciful extrapolation about life and its meaning, even about deep and sacred things like God, even money. Most would encourage the young philosophers, spurring them on to explore even more delightfully crazy expressions all the while chuckling heartily and not feeling in the slightest uncomfortable. When some did feel perhaps just a little bit uneasy and would appear to perhaps take it a bit too seriously many around would freely suggest that such a delightful tale could surely do no harm. “Leave the child alone,” some would say, “let them explore their world!”

We are born at quite a pace but we also start dying very quickly. Not only physically, mind you. All too suddenly we seem to grown up and then these things are apparently no longer acceptable. Sometimes the harsh heat of full summer is never nearly so stifling as the formality of life. No wonder we are all totally confused and messed up as adults.

We live in a very tender age where the publishing of books and the journaling of all kinds of discovery is rampant. Many are traveling to all areas of existence in the quest for understanding. Knowledge is increasing and it is a reality that there are more new discoveries in our day than ever before in recorded history. And the growth curve is exponential. Yet as we experience this galactic data tsunami we seem only to find more and more unanswered questions.

Are we possibly looking in the wrong places?

Or are we looking in the right places but unable to see because of social convention and cultural appropriateness? Could our sense of sensibility be far less sensible than we are willing to admit?

A definition of insanity that has impacted me of late is this: Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Now clearly there is a time and a place for everything. But maybe,  ….. just maybe this is the time for free, culturally unlocked, childlike creativity and bold exploration especially in the matters of spirituality and the pursuit of meaning and truth.

…..  even God surely could not possibly be upset by such a delightful, innocent, tale?