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we’re all in it for ourselves – on all sides of the equation…

if we could see this we might start on the road to a better future

maybe we should be majoring on Human Responsibilities rather than Human Rights?


in order to survive,
they all slashed at each other’s throats
until the ultimate winner,
the last one standing,
slowly bled to death

as beautiful as birds and other wildlife are in the wild, they seem to have no apparent need nor desire to stop and aesthetically enjoy the immense beauty of their natural environment.

instead they seem to unceasingly scuttle to and fro in what can only be described as the frantic pursuit of survival

humans, on the other hand have a heightened cognitive awareness… and we have time,… to reflect, ponder, plan and plunder…

yet we too seem to unceasingly scuttle to and fro in what can only be described as the frantic pursuit of survival

and this time we have on our hands is easily led… astray

… seemingly to devise much more sinister ways to order our frantic pursuit of survival …with which we are kept very, very busy




I’m not at all so sure, with all due respect, being undisputed as a world class musician doesn’t necessarily substantiate a sound (pun intended) philosophical or accurate, articulate perspective… or does It?…

History suggests that the species who survive in the great struggle for life are not the biggest, strongest, fastest, most armour protected, etc…. but rather, those which have the best ability to adapt to the often violently changing environment. Those who stick to the memories of a past era, even great era’s as he alludes to, forfeit the opportunities to tackle the present challenges. Perhaps what we face today is the inability to adapt with new, dynamic and authentic strategies to the present commercial onslaught we face. Instead of adapting circumspectly and creatively perhaps we have been wittingly or unwittingly conned into clamoring over and competing with each other to survive by capitulating to the demands of the populist masses. These seem only to want the regurgitation of nostalgia, reflected in sounds and styles of bygone era’s where perceived prosperity and abundance is remembered? Mr McLaughlin suggests the state subsidizes and patrons of the arts, Hmm? At what cost to the arts, integrity and creativity?… Let’s face it, a bitch is a bitch is a bitch. In our present political climate can we reasonably be able to say that state involvement could ever achieve creative and artistic Integrity? To have politicians ‘patronize’ us with their megalomaniacal, greed driven agenda’s can never be a good thing… If we are ‘owned’ we have no freedom. …eternal slaves to the whims of our ‘sponsors.’  

We have to find other ways. The record companies aggressively generate the argument against ‘piracy’ only because it hurts them in their pocket, but In reality they have been the main sodomising rapists of the arts and the artists. Good riddance I say.

There are some who are pioneering new paths. But they’re not in anyway near to the ‘main stream’ …and more often than not they’re far away from mindless populist adoration most artists these days seem to lust for. Its hard ,yes… but it’s always been hard, and it always will be. 

I honour John McLaughlin without reservation, and I humbly acknowledge his huge contribution to the arts.  However, I’m concerned the view posted by our most highly esteemed and legitimately significant master musician potentially misrepresents the real issue at hand.

Zuma in full flight

Yes, I totally agree that this particular individual as well as his whole regime is virtually irredeemably corrupt and clearly incompetent to run his/their own life and affairs, let alone a whole country … but having said that, can we continue to allow ourselves to be deceived?
To my mind this very sorry and clueless individual is no better or worse than any other politician out there or waiting in the wings for their shot at infamy.  They are all puppets and they are all the same.  Obama, Blair, Putin, Hitler, Idi Amin, Stalin, Pol Pot, … you name them – they’re all the same … vain, personally agenda’d, ego and power motivated, sociopathic psycho wrecks… just like you and me, come to think of it.

My take on the whole thing is that to get one to resign in disgrace or get them voted out, even assassinated, … let’s face it, whatever diabolical method we might fancy simply makes the space for another pathetic, narcissistic, empty headed slimeball to simply take his/her place.

Welcome to the Age of Enlightenment.  Welcome to the the age of government of the people, by the people…

Here’s a thought, perhaps it’s worth considering the possibility that we just play into the hands of the corporate puppeteers when we get deceived into taking aim at their well positioned puppets?
Perhaps by getting all heated over these people and issues which dominate our media and which get force-fed to us (including GMO issues, economic issues, green/eco issues, etc. etc. etc… ), we are allowing ourselves to simply be distracted and at the same time burning up personal attention, time and energy while in the dark background “Wicked Uncle Ernie” is freed up to “fiddle about”?

Maybe the joke is on us as we unwittingly license them to plunder us unhindered while we go on believing that we are making a difference, making things change? …. forming new organizations to regulate or combat existing corrupt organizations who themselves were originally organized to correct other corrupt organizations… (try work out what the common factor in all this is…)

Maybe in all of this we are simply distracted from pursuing personal morality, ethics, self control, self determination, an “internal locus of control” rather than an external one?
Maybe these are the real “power balls” the corporate puppeteers are desperate we don’t discover and access?

If one or two of us do they just take us out in one way or another (think Wiki-Leaks, Snowden, etc…)

Imagine if we started thinking?

A lot of us…

Maybe even ALL of us…

Not all together, in some inevitably doomed-to-corruption group or system…

But individually, thinking for ourselves… and finding each other along the road somewhere…

I know we all think we think all the time but do we really?

Doesn’t the TV and media do this for us?

Don’t the political parties and their mouthpieces do this for us?

Maybe if we really did think a little bit…

Just as a start maybe we wouldn’t buy their disposable consumer crap, or willingly fund their disposable political structures, or swallow their proposed superficial solutions, ideologies and other ‘-isms’, … nor fund their corrupt and criminal police? … nor pay the taxes and levies to them that inevitably line pockets of those who have manipulated their way into positions of political power instead of lining hungry stomachs and essential upgrades in infrastructure?
Maybe we’d even audit them?

Perhaps we would wake up and begin to stop enjoying being socially, culturally, economically, spiritually raped … and maybe we will begin to see it for what it really is, a diabolical violation of our personal dignity and individual sovereign integrity?
The way I’m speaking may now sound a bit disgusting, morose, even vulgar … doesn’t it?

It even sounds sick.

That’s good, because Yes, we are sick. Very, very sick.

What do you think?

Maybe we need to consider not shadow boxing anymore and deliver some knockout punches?

We may think we’re just spectators…

But in reality we’re in the ring already…
The rules are unplayable…
The ref is crooked…
The judges and match officials have been bought…
The media networks covering the fight are already paid off handsomely and have even been issued Q-cards…

It’s at the stage where a knockout punch is most probably all we’ve got…

cul·ture  (kulchur) says:-

a. the totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought.

b. these patterns, traits, and products considered as the expression of a particular period, class, community, or population: edwardian culture; japanese culture; the culture of poverty.

c. these patterns, traits, and products considered with respect to a particular category, such as a field, subject, or mode of expression: religious culture in the middle ages; musical culture; oral culture.

d. the predominating attitudes and behavior that characterize the functioning of a group or organization. …. etc. etc. etc….

we are surrounded by an aggressive tsunami culture 24/7.

media, social groups, global issues, local issues, significant others…

and it’s getting more intense as the ‘global village’ gets more connected each day

sometimes it’s like we are sitting in a bomb shelter somewhere with heavy shells whistling in overhead, exploding all around us – bombardment from the skies, intermittent, unpredictable, but ever present

in war of this nature, when the big guns are blazing and the mega bombs are dropping  the most productive thing that can be done is usually a survival default –  just staying alive – merely surviving under the barrage

along with the noise is the occasional voice of a cheerleader saying, “it’s all right! … we’re doing good! … it’s going to be fine!!” … but these words are also whispering in overhead, imploding all around us – sifting in from the skies, intermittent, predictable, barely audible alongside the concussions

i can’t help but wonder about culture and what’s growing under our own social arms and in those dark damp places where the sun doesn’t really shine