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everything in its own time
to meet is merely chance
a bump of heads
an embrace of love
it’s all choreographed in the dance


one day,

when the time is at hand

you too,

may come to understand

and if indeed

the time does not

not even poetry will help you my friend

…that’s why I play drums

not to keep the beat

but to play around it

not a hitting thing

it’s more like missing

dancing in between

unspoken poetic colours

words like breath

it’s not the notes alone that count

but the spaces

the gaps in the time signature

there’s more in the spaces than in the notes

the great thing about writing poetry

is that it doesn’t have to be poetic

– it’s what they call poetic license

who do warriors turn to when they drop their swords and fall,

and who will pick up the double edged weapons and return to them their honour?

when the hearts of the people are locked in their own distended bellies

and the words of the prophets are willingly captive to the thoughts of the thoughtless

is it then finally time for the stones to scream out?

and the rocks to shatter under the relentless gaze of the angry sun?

for the water to evaporate before it touches the soil

and for the children to be dead before they are born?

when mankind celebrates high noon in the dead of midnight

and turns into victory the stench of suicidal defeat

it is time gentlemen, it is time!

as one door slams closed another opens

the thump of the one precedes the squeak of the other 

there is no place to stand between the handle and the wood

to squeeze into that space can never do any good

time waits for no man, so wait not for time

return the favour with confident grace

listen to its footsteps and be sure to keep pace

there is a time
there is also a season
this is for everything
and everything always is

time however…
is in its own time
and times change as time turns
it can come…
and it can go

seasons come
and seasons go
until it is time

it says to be ready
in season and out of season
it says not to be active all the time

time waits for no man they say
but it is the lot of man
to bide his time
in season and out of season
for when time has come
it is the season
and then it is really time

in it is time
time is not it
or so perhaps they should say

time marches on

slowly it moves

as steady as it goes

it flickers not like the candle

but shimmers against the winds

expanding into fullness


time takes its time

the plans of man are beyond vanity

to them there is no end

but beginnings and ends embrace silently

as the day turns to night

the dark into light



there once was a time

we know not when

‘but it’s past’ some say

‘will it pass again?’


some say ‘yes’

and some say ‘no’

but even if it were so

we’d never know


for if it passed before

and we missed it then

what chance is there

if it comes again?


then let us hope it never was

so then we still can dream


just because



If I find myself in another’s dream

all I will find is that I have lost that which is my own

the reality that is birthed in the mind of another

can never be mine

it belongs somewhere else,



always tearing to be away and one at the same time

a famous cat locked in a box is and isn’t

it remains a slave

captive to someone else’s experiment  

those who look on will laugh and fight

and disagree that way and this

those who agree disagree with themselves

to be in two different spaces at the same time cannot be

though we yearn it can’t agree with us, or with itself  

time has a place

a space to be real

if only for a moment  

space on the other hand, needs no time

so time in space is rendered useless

except perhaps to define space

but only to those who observe

or so they think  

and what of space?

it exists alone, completely alone

unless it agrees to disagree with itself

and become someone else

or someone else’s experiment

more alone than before  

there is more space than not

this is a mysterious mystery

plain to all

impossible to see  

it cannot be  

but it is



Apparently, if all the bones of all the creatures that have ever inhabited the Earth were preserved, the planet’s surface would be covered by a 3 km thick layer of animal remains.

Is this true?  …there’s no way to prove this because in reality, only a very small percentage of animal remains become fossilized, and these have a tendency, with the great passage of geologic time, to be recycled into newer rock formations in which all fossil evidence is lithified – metamorphosed – subducted – erupted out of existence.

It is estimated that only 25 – 30% of species are capable of being preserved in the fossil record at all: the other species are soft-bodied or have no preservable parts anyway. Sharks, for example, have teeth that enter the fossil record, but their “bones” are made of cartilage, and cartilage dissolves and is only rarely fossilized: aside from a few rare vertebrae, no skeletal pieces of Megalodon have been found so that we could estimate the precise size of the largest shark ever to have existed. It is estimated that of the nine phyla that include potential fossil-forming animals, of all that ever lived, in all of geologic time, 85 – 97% have never been fossilized at all. Fossils are, indeed, rare and finding them is never easy.

So, in the world of reality, perhaps it may be true to deduce that as ‘sound’ as deductive reasoning is, with only a small body of evidence to go on, it may not be all that ‘sound’ to assume too much with respect to the conclusiveness of our conclusions.

And speaking of deductive reasoning, maybe we need to ask just how much credibility or weight deductive reasoning really has?  Yes, without a doubt it’s about the best systematic idea we have at the moment, but as someone has already said, the one great weakness of a truly great idea is if it’s the only idea we have or hold on to.  To add to this problem there is the reality that even in human terms, from the evidence we have so far, our deductive reasoning is a fairly late arrival on the human scene. To make it even more concerning, if the full age of the earth as we know it to be (+/- 4,8 billion earth years) was represented in a full 24 hour day,  the arrival of humanity with our highly evolved and developed cognitive faculties happened at the very end of the very last minute of the very last hour of the same metaphorical 24 hour day.

Thank God for deductive reasoning – as some might say,  but reasonably speaking, can we really thank deductive reasoning for proving the existence or the non-existence of God?

Time and experience, these two sort most things out.  Our very real and huge challenge seems to be that relatively speaking, right now we have very little of either…

And something tells me that it’s not going to change all that quickly…