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between the deep centre of the brain,
and the inner lining of the eyelids
when we close our eyes momentarily to blink
…such is the extent of our universe


a little wine
loosens the tongue
unveiling monsters
of legends unsung

have a heart for the prophet

the poor beggar who lives with us

he claims to hear

and speak for God

the creator

or the universe

but he is employed by man

the poor are easily discerned

but only with much difficulty

even though they stagger

stumbling, falling in the streets

we trip over them

not seeing them lying there

unable to look them in the eye


we all gaze in the mirror

without really looking to see

lest we see what we’re looking at

and the truth strikes a mortal blow

the stomach speaks louder than the mouth

though it has no voice, it shouts

… indeed, it roars

the monster lurks, hidden deep within

silently brooding until it speaks for us

jumbled words, blurred truths

hissed through gaping mouths

in keeping up with the lives of the rich and famous


those whom we elect into official power over us

these are our vicars

they stand for us

on our behalf

speaking words from the Gods within us

the voices of many rushing waters

our name is Democracy

for we are many.

there’s Judas in every one of us
it’s very clear to see
we cannot run nor hide away
this truth can set us free
to see this is the first of steps
towards a way away
from trading lies and deep deceit
the way we live each day
that in the very best of deeds
we cannot shake the fact
that what we give to others freely
is all to get it back

I’ve been up to the mountain
(not the one in my head)
the view from the top
wasn’t what they said

the mist was thick as soup
the clouds were dark and grey
no matter what I tried to do
it just wouldn’t go away

they told me it was good
they told me it was bright
but as they said these words to me
their eyes were filled with fright

I stared deep into the darkness
maybe it was me?
I simply couldn’t grasp
what they wanted me to see

so instead I closed my eyes
but never looked away
that was when it all made sense
there was nothing more to say

it isn’t up the mountain
where we are meant to go
the mountain comes to us
if you really want to know

there’s this shocking idea

that the road of folly that leads to destruction

is wide and well traveled

that the vast majority walk this way

a way paved with good intentions

a happy road

filled with pleasure

bulging with easy access


like all things

this shocking idea has another shadowy side

not a nice side

mostly unpleasant

a side not well frequented

few if any find it

and it’s not at all popular

in fact, it’s a side so out on the edge

it’s a whole different road

a road that seems almost to track in tangent

a lonely road

of brokenness and mourning

desolate and empty

bumpy and not marked

there are no signposts

it is not even found on Google maps

actually people don’t find this path

in reality they can’t

instead, they seem to find themselves on this path

usually on their knees

not in prayer mind you

but in pain and suffering

because they have stumbled and fallen

rather, the path calls them

then falls on them

and being bruised and broken

they have no strength to keep on walking

it’s too painful

too difficult

so they stay on bleeding knees

mostly it’s quite embarrassing

bitterness and pain are foul companions


almost reluctantly

they get up and keep walking

the humiliation keeps them moving

it takes time

but eventually they walk

some even run


we’re so full of new ideas these days

but strangely,

this idea has been with us all the time



Apparently, if all the bones of all the creatures that have ever inhabited the Earth were preserved, the planet’s surface would be covered by a 3 km thick layer of animal remains.

Is this true?  …there’s no way to prove this because in reality, only a very small percentage of animal remains become fossilized, and these have a tendency, with the great passage of geologic time, to be recycled into newer rock formations in which all fossil evidence is lithified – metamorphosed – subducted – erupted out of existence.

It is estimated that only 25 – 30% of species are capable of being preserved in the fossil record at all: the other species are soft-bodied or have no preservable parts anyway. Sharks, for example, have teeth that enter the fossil record, but their “bones” are made of cartilage, and cartilage dissolves and is only rarely fossilized: aside from a few rare vertebrae, no skeletal pieces of Megalodon have been found so that we could estimate the precise size of the largest shark ever to have existed. It is estimated that of the nine phyla that include potential fossil-forming animals, of all that ever lived, in all of geologic time, 85 – 97% have never been fossilized at all. Fossils are, indeed, rare and finding them is never easy.

So, in the world of reality, perhaps it may be true to deduce that as ‘sound’ as deductive reasoning is, with only a small body of evidence to go on, it may not be all that ‘sound’ to assume too much with respect to the conclusiveness of our conclusions.

And speaking of deductive reasoning, maybe we need to ask just how much credibility or weight deductive reasoning really has?  Yes, without a doubt it’s about the best systematic idea we have at the moment, but as someone has already said, the one great weakness of a truly great idea is if it’s the only idea we have or hold on to.  To add to this problem there is the reality that even in human terms, from the evidence we have so far, our deductive reasoning is a fairly late arrival on the human scene. To make it even more concerning, if the full age of the earth as we know it to be (+/- 4,8 billion earth years) was represented in a full 24 hour day,  the arrival of humanity with our highly evolved and developed cognitive faculties happened at the very end of the very last minute of the very last hour of the same metaphorical 24 hour day.

Thank God for deductive reasoning – as some might say,  but reasonably speaking, can we really thank deductive reasoning for proving the existence or the non-existence of God?

Time and experience, these two sort most things out.  Our very real and huge challenge seems to be that relatively speaking, right now we have very little of either…

And something tells me that it’s not going to change all that quickly…

the lines of normal
etched in the sand
obscure the detail
of the truth at hand

the painted finger
now deep in dust
reveals the depth
of superficial lust

judgement comes
and judgement leaves
the jury sits
like a band of thieves

the floor is cleared
and silence falls
sneering chants
in empty halls

the facts aren’t clear
but minds are set
the truth’s obscure
it’s anyone’s bet

naked forest

could it be that the biggest deception we have been caught up in is the focus on a single point of conversion?


we faithfully remember the exact day, time, and event when we first believed… and we carry this as a banner of our dignity and rite of passage into eternal security and present and future salvation


but strangely there is no account of Jesus ever taking any individual behind the Wailing Wall, handing him a “4 Spiritual Laws” booklet and telling him to, “repeat after me….”

yes, Jesus spoke of being ‘born again’ but that was once in a specific confrontation with a religious ruler named Nicodemus… and in the epistles Paul writes conceptually of being ‘born again’ to a living hope…


but both Jesus Christ and Paul the apostle spoke of dying daily, not only once… and communion (proclaiming the death and resurrection of Jesus) is not done only once as a lasting and final eternal event, but as something extremely important to be done as often as we eat together…


… and this “dying daily” idea was spoken of by both in graphic detail


the metaphor of life and death points to a seed which is planted inside soil and grows…. like a natural seed the seed of the spirit may indeed seem to have a measurable chronological beginning but that seed like the natural seed faces life and death every second of its life from that point on

from the very beginning it is involved in a perpetual struggle for life and this struggle is what brings the strength of character and establishes the longevity and fruitfulness of the life


just the same as a seed that dies, falls to the ground and germinates does not immediately become or remain a fully formed mature life form could the same be said of the spiritual seed?


perhaps the biggest problem could be that one single eternal and immutable event can so easily result in an ushering in a of a rite of privilege… and there are no “rites” and privileges other than loving, serving and dying to ones self… at least this is what Jesus and Paul seem to be suggesting to my mind

and if this attitude of rite, rights and privilege is established could this be a root contribution to the apparent shallowness of true spirituality in our lives?


so many Christians (and followers of other belief systems for that matter) claim to believe yet so few seem to read let alone study the scriptural texts and even fewer seem to understand it


and it seems very apparent that most feel fully content to be told from a pulpit what to and what not to do


… and maybe the spiritual leaders really like it this way?


personal rite and privilege conveniently instills an attitude of superiority and elitism and tends to leave one feeling totally qualified, guaranteed recipients of absolute benefits with no responsibility nor personal application required


… perhaps much like the Apartheid system injected into the “White” minority in recent South African history and that which is being injected into the “Black” majority in the present


what could it mean to “die daily?”


in our modern world of instant gratification and self actualization, individual rights, demands and democratic freedom how would this all work itself out?


and with all the feel good sentiment abounding from our TV’s and pulpits (religious and political) does this not seem like a huge negative, … a heavy bring-down?


or maybe these passages need to be erased from our scriptures…?


…. or maybe these emo-depressive meme-spinner Jesus and Paul characters need to be fully exposed and defrocked for the negative killjoys they clearly are?


…. or could it be that by thinking and believing we died once and that is enough we now are really well and truly dead?