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when hearts and minds are filled with nothing but hatred, revenge and greed
there can be no songs of peace
only the deafening drums of war will be heard
and all who dance to this tune will be struck blind
the charred soil will rise up to meet them
and their mouths will be filled with nothing
except the dust of death


in the days of yesteryear
they dropped bombs on our heads
destroying our bodies, our stock and our land
beating us physically into submission
forcing us to surrender to the will of their force
stripping our ground bare of any life
stripping us of our own produce
and this in the same fields that gave us birth
where we once labored and lived in abundance
in order to multiply the abundance of their own seeds
so that we would serve them forever

in the days of today and for the days of tomorrow
they drop leaflets instead of bombs
and promotional messages are pressed before our eyes
screaming their wares as the nectar of the future
wearing us down, beating us into helpless submission in our minds
silently pressing us to surrender to the force of their will
slowly striping us of our own means of production
relinquishing us of our own will to live in our own lands
coerced instead to consume and produce foreign crops in abundance
injecting their alien seeds into us as carriers
that we may ourselves become the land of the produce
the aphids and the ants in twisted union

alien products dreamed up in the virtual larders of the greedy
new delicacies crafted for their rich enjoyment
they call it marketing
and we are deceived and turn on each other as their marketers
but we ourselves are the marketed
and we are the bought and sold
tricked into buying and selling to each other
tricked into buying and selling each other
bewitched into seeking personal pleasure
personal dominance and power
filled with vain visions of a fabricated self
all to alleviate poverty within
and the poverty without
imaginary fruits of illegitimate roots

yes, the bombs still drop
but apparently only softer
at least to the naked ear
it seems there is little more than the sound of the marketplace criers
swarming, filling the networks
and the desperate bleating of the sheep
who are filled, but left forevermore hungry
enlightened, but always kept in darkness
to be found everywhere, yet remaining lost
even to themselves
while those who have, have even more
and those who have not
lose even that which they think they had
obediently celebrating the rise of the new age
and the freedom chants of the death of violence
songs that sing there are more bullets in the air

but in between the lines
hidden deep in the small print
only a flittering flutter can be heard
virtual leaves, like paper leaflets
falling peacefully to the hardened, barren floor

the march of youthful, grey-haired men

killing things to live again

to leave a footprint in the sands

they spread their death with dirty hands

to climb the mound they scorch the earth

a song of peace is filled with dearth

“a lie, a lie, come lie with me

we speak the truth, as soon you’ll see”

and so the whisperer, loud and clear

screams in the silence for all to hear

our mother bleeds through gaping scars

as we look up to plunder Mars

@alalohwhydee: instead, we celebrate “thanks taking” … for what we are about to seize…



when a whale carcass floats out in the ocean sharks and other predators gather quickly and very soon a feeding frenzy ensues.

in the unbridled lust for flesh and blood often the predators rip also into the flesh of other predators, often their own kind.  …there’s no love lost here, there is also no time for conscientious reflection… it’s purely a game of primitive survival instinct and it’s a free for all.

collateral damage or “friendly fire” as we prefer to call it these days, is a complete non-issue, and is not even registered on the spreadsheet. it’s the bottom line alone that counts and the numbers, conditions and circumstances preceding this grand total are irrelevant.

this is no place for ethics, morality nor civil sentiment. it’s literally a bloody mess. it’s everyone for themselves and the winner takes all.

however, on reflection no one seems to really care much at all as this, to the letter, is almost exactly the same situation and process that is found in normal business practice every day…

just another day at the office, thank you very much… and whether we are willing to face it or not, there’s really no point in blubbering on about it…

personally, I have never placed my ear up close to a fruit tree or bush and heard it groaning to produce fruit…
once the fruit is grown there is no need for specific marketing strategies or active selling techniques, the fruit itself has its own specific place in the greater system and that is that
no consciously prepared advertising slogan, song or dance is necessary

if you have to try too hard to make things happen, you are an illegitimate life form, out of time and out of place, a weed, an imposter, a violation to the natural balance of the surrounding ecosystem you presume to be your home

silence is an answer too,
so be careful how you hear
the shout of the violent,
could be the whisper of fear

there is no such thing as universal subjectivity
subjectivity is … subjective
when subjectivity gains a social conformity it is always at a cost
this cost is primarily to the individual
it demands a compromise that subjugates reason and sensibility and elevates primal insecurity in all individuals
it needs no policing because if any individual thinks, speaks or acts independently they are censured, marginalized and if necessary expelled
it is also at great cost to the whole group as it lowers the honesty, integrity, intelligence, morality, ethics, functionality, productivity, etc. … to the lowest common denominator
one of the most deceptive forms of social conformity is democracy
democracy is manipulative and coercive at its root and masquerades brazenly as individual and corporate freedom and power to and for the people, but in effect only emasculates a group or even a nation and reduces its value and effectiveness to the level of the scum at the very bottom of the collective gene pool
religion and capitalism are the identical murderous twins of democracy
it is difficult to say which came first, but they are all equally diabolical
socialism and communism are merely democracy at an even more mindless, vulgar and violent level

Tigger - King of the Beasties

“When I walk in, just think of me

as your humble servant.

I know you’ll wanna all bow down.

That’s okay, I deserve it.”


This is part of the lyric of a tune in a Winnie the Pooh episode entitled, “King Of The Beasties”

What is the mark of our age?

… the sign of our times?

What would you say to be the indicator on the litmus test of humanity?


Could this simple lyric describe the footprint we leave in the sand of our generation?

Could this be the dominant chunk of  social inheritance we will leave behind for history to record?

…in politics?

…in business?

…in religion?


in fact…  in every and all aspects of life as we have made it…

… those in authority …  are called ‘friends of the people.’

But that’s not the way it will be with you.

Instead, the greatest among you must become the least,  like a person of lower status, … and the leader like a servant…

(Jesus of Nazareth)