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the stupid don’t believe they’re stupid
most of them don’t even know that they are
how could they?
the wise too don’t know they’re wise
unless they choose to believe the flattery of those around them

the one thing both have in common however
is that neither know the truth about themselves
how can they?
so they are the same

in the end it matters not
all is pointless
chasing after the wind


we all have an achilles heel
those of us who work out diligently in the gym
have more visible ones

in the land of the trees
the bark is of far greater value
than the bite

the old blind owl took a peak
to see what he could see
but it was dark again that day
so he saw only as much as you and me

opening the eyes is not enough
as is the idea of sight to the blind
what one cannot see
can very rarely enter the mind

the best law ever written
was written in sand
by a lowly, traveling human hand
unseen by the masses
openly exposed to mystery,
blown by the wind,
and scuffed by the unobservant feet of passing men

to catch the wind
we need more than hands,
much more than a pen on paper,
also, eyes that see…
even when eyelids are shut tight

meaning is meaningless,

though it may mean all the world to you.

you can say what you say,

but others will hear what they hear.

therefore, after all is said and done,

it is far better to listen than to speak.

one day,

when the time is at hand

you too,

may come to understand

and if indeed

the time does not

not even poetry will help you my friend

if the food is good

then so is the mood

in the presence of pigs

nothing is understood

there is a time
there is also a season
this is for everything
and everything always is

time however…
is in its own time
and times change as time turns
it can come…
and it can go

seasons come
and seasons go
until it is time

it says to be ready
in season and out of season
it says not to be active all the time

time waits for no man they say
but it is the lot of man
to bide his time
in season and out of season
for when time has come
it is the season
and then it is really time

in it is time
time is not it
or so perhaps they should say



“rebuke the wise!” they all said

“because, of course we know better”

“when travelling straight towards the sun,

we won’t get hot, but wetter”


but the strange thing about the wise

is that a rebuke is what they love

unlike the folly that we speak

which fits us like a glove


the rebuke of a wise man
is mostly bitter to the touch
but much more pleasant than the fools song
though it strokes you in the crotch
the dance of the mindless
has a catchy tune and pulse
unlike the dirge of the circumspect
which brings nothing but revulse
the frolic of the political fool
simply has no rule of thumb
who would have thought Umshini wami
would strike the choir in the bum