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Monthly Archives: September 2010

how do we know when the edge goes?

when does the cut become a bludgeon?

the blood may flow, but only beneath the skin

a bruise, a dull bump, a crushing blow

a lament for the blade

how will the point remain?

so far we’ve come, but is it?

dragging right, a slip to the side as we drop on down

hoping for ascendancy

just hoping

all dressed up to go nowhere

shallow depths of hollowness fill the cluttered void

as we reach out between the desire for rest

and the scatterings from haunting past failures

failures that lure as the whore struts her stuff

whether repulsed or otherwise we look, we dwell,

voyeurism – the mall of the conscious numbed into unconscious

we struggle to break free

a gradual flow of shifting sand

a shudder, a jolt

the dirge begins,

hackneyed rhetoric comforting only the grotesquely comforted while the front rank dies

innocence lost

what is the footprint of this generation?

fully grown but completely immature

children of children

babes of the unborn sitting in the marketplaces and calling out to all

to themselves

to others

‘we played the flute yet you did, you did not dance;

we sang, sang the dirge of hope and you did, did not mourn’

one comes in abstinence, but the verdict is diabolical

the seed of man comes in celebration, the words of the witnesses shout out, ‘unacceptable!

… a glutton and a drunkard,

a cadre and friend of the untouchables!’ …

but wisdom is judged right by her fruits


Of late I have been foraging for input around our freedom. I am still turning every stone I come across but up till now I seem to have only come up with some unexpectedly strange stuff lurking in the dark, shady cracks. Freedom of speech, freedom of choice and other related issues like self-determination, independence, autonomy and others are such key issues to many in these times we live. Wars have been fought over such and much blood has been spilled. Maybe I’m searching under the wrong rocks but I seem to be starting to think that perhaps we have not really been seeing the whole picture at all. It has surprised me as I have become aware of just how much emphasis I have placed on the ability, even the right and responsibility to make correct decisions. We live in a very cerebral age where control and accuracy is so important to us. Perhaps as a resistance to the impersonal, dehumanising age of the industrial revolution we have reacted and have somehow missed the plot? Do we really have the ability to think independently? Are we actually as autonomous as we would like to believe? Do we make our own decisions? Can we decide for ourselves? What do you think? or perhaps more to the point, what does your mother think? ·  ·