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born 1960, still trying to make some sense of it all

I choose to believe that there is meaning, maybe even order

sometimes the evidence is underwhelming

one thing I do think I am sure of is that for the moment I am here

what I am and why I’m here is not one of the things I’m sure of

my only worthwhile tool is an attempt at honesty…

anything else just adds to the already illusionary appearance of what appears so subtly to be real

I have wasted far too much time trying to be right and I have failed dismally

instead, in desperation I have rather opted towards just trying to be honest, and even in this I fail repeatedly

so I’m still at it … in pursuit of the beautiful question…

… and who knows, maybe the answers will find me

faithful in a skeptical way, or skeptical in a faithful way?

I’m still not sure, but I am here for now…



  1. hey Lloyd – you should just put something less ‘generic’ in your ‘about’ page. 😉

  2. Know what I enjoy about being here? I always leave with a smile on my face. you give me confidence to say exactly what I think and feel. You’re a rarity Lloyd Martin. or maybe I just think so, cos my circle is so small:-) – doesn’t matter at all…….whatever……… encourage me to be courageous. and there’s nothing bad about that:-)

  3. On the matter of asking questions, for me, the best answer comes from the one who asked the first question to Adam even if it is silence. I prefer silence over the superficiality of pretentious noise that would masquerade as genuine passionate zeal whipping up the frantic crowd by cheerleading techniques that seem to be the staple of pseudo-spiritual food served at the troth of most instituationalized “christian gathering places” . At least the silences of God are an invitation to join him and to test our resolve to find answers. On such a perilous journey as life, one has to know the person to whom the questions are asked especially at the crossroads of determinant choices.

  4. I’ve been reading your blog posts all morning while at “work” (No one visits the shop sadly).

    Lloyd, I added You on Facebook because I used to be that kid who adds drummers for the sake of having more “cool” friends. I’ve never even met You but on the few occasions that I have messaged You, the things You’ve told Me have been nothing short of profound and thought provoking. in fact, I’ve been at a loss of what to reply most of the time.

    I truly respect that You are your own person – You remind Me of what Jesus has called Us to be: a people who are unique in every aspect of our lives, reflecting the image of a God who is unmatched in his originality and creativity.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world.
    – Shaun

  5. The idea of brutal honesty is something our civilization, which refuses to confront estimates of its longevity it prefers not to hear, needs more of. There is certainly a difference between a faith life and a religion.

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