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one day I decided to go to Heaven
when I got there I found no one else was there

it felt like Hell to me

so then I decided to come back to life as I know it
and I suddenly awoke again
only to find there was no one there either

I decided that meaning
was neither here nor there
instead, meaning was right now

heaven and hell
and everything else
is anything before or after this

so I abandoned hope and fear
lest I be disappointed
by hitting or missing the target of my own expectations

now each day feels like an eternity

it’s amazing what you can achieve
when you’ve nothing else to do in the day



being an ardent student
for over 45 years
of things musical…
sonic expressions
human and other
space and movement…
my unexpected, and perhaps somewhat unwanted conclusion thus far,
is that you don’t play music,
…the music plays you

wind does not blow
it flows…
it has no mouth
it has no nose
where it comes from
where it goes
we may say we do
but no one knows

lucidity: that brilliant detour we took to avoid the rush-hour madness that cut behind the traffic via a previously unknown side-road and crossed over a secret bridge, …only to find it ended up being closed due to freak flooding



when a whale carcass floats out in the ocean sharks and other predators gather quickly and very soon a feeding frenzy ensues.

in the unbridled lust for flesh and blood often the predators rip also into the flesh of other predators, often their own kind.  …there’s no love lost here, there is also no time for conscientious reflection… it’s purely a game of primitive survival instinct and it’s a free for all.

collateral damage or “friendly fire” as we prefer to call it these days, is a complete non-issue, and is not even registered on the spreadsheet. it’s the bottom line alone that counts and the numbers, conditions and circumstances preceding this grand total are irrelevant.

this is no place for ethics, morality nor civil sentiment. it’s literally a bloody mess. it’s everyone for themselves and the winner takes all.

however, on reflection no one seems to really care much at all as this, to the letter, is almost exactly the same situation and process that is found in normal business practice every day…

just another day at the office, thank you very much… and whether we are willing to face it or not, there’s really no point in blubbering on about it…

the bait generation
self impaled
we love to dance
to squirm and jiggle
to sell
we are sold to sell
and we sell ourselves
look at me
buy me
I am bought
now we can be
so that we may all be free
we are the bait society
the bait generation

hubble telescope captures 10, 000 galaxies in one amazing shot


in science we rejoice and boast in seeing 1000’s of other universes, yet we are destroying our very own planet under our feet… we know so many things yet we continue to plummet ever further into chaos…

in religion we have 1000’s of theologies and spiritual orders,  yet by the millions our very own people are dying, slaughtered, starving, dehumanized, rejected, crushed under our own feet… we are so divinely spiritual, yet we act like inanimate, soulless machines…


are science and religion twin, deformed siblings?

We know the mega-Earth is out there – and its massive | Science | The Guardian.

scientific community admits its 1st real “imaginary friend”

‘we know the ‘mega-Earth’ is out there – and it’s massive’

… no one’s actually “seen it” as such, but scientists at Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics have just announced that they know it’s there…

…in a follow-up press release the cosmological high priest of empirical worship, Neil “da-grass-is-greener-on-our-side-of-the-fence” Tyson, was also rumoured to have said that in the light of this he was once again calling on the mystic/paranormal/religious communities to come to their senses and repent over their speculative, intuitive, unsubstantiated insistence on believing in something which cannot be directly and unequivocally, empirically proved …

… afterwards at a celebratory cocktail party he was apparently overheard also saying, “yes, we’re all seasoned spin-doctors, … but come on, for God’s sake let’s at least try to be more realistic, shall we?”


the tears of the oppressed
they have no comforter
together they stand

on the side of the oppressor
is power and control
together they sit

the tears of the oppressor are dry
but the eyes still weep
the oppressor too has no comforter

and the oppressor is also oppressed
why else would he be an oppressor?

the oppressed,
though blinded in their suffering
learn quickly
and they learn well

for every dog has it’s day
and the changing of seasons
waits for no man


the criminally insane

casting ballots

at the annual inmates general election

a mock formality

while the guards look on

smirking as the folly unfolds before their eyes

a form of mockery

the masses queue up

fighting, jostling

to elect one fool

over the other fools

one fool to be king

for a while

just for a space in time

only  a space in the minds …of those who play the game


to be king

the king of fools

a fool of a king

the new ruler of the bent and corrupt

vying for the worthy title of “THE FOOL OVER ALL FOOLS”


so we all raise our hands

arms outstretched

with elbows locked as if in mortal combat

fingers arching outwards, then clawing in and slamming shut

like the desperate tentacles of dying sea anemone

desperately clinging

to some precariously endangered coral reef

grasping at the loose sands

the frail winds of empty promises

arms then return to our sides

filled only with the imaginary substance

of that which we hope will sustain us


and we all strive

with all our imaginary might

to make our mark in the air

random sparklers in a fantasy sky

vanity, chasing the wind

like the fools of the fool

believing we have caught it

that we have indeed captured the wind…


and so we tell ourselves that we’re happy

until the next time…

but indeed

we, the mindless

fossils with no fuel

we are faithful to the task