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Monthly Archives: October 2012

living in a world

where science is shrouded by faith

and faith is clouded by science

one assuming the limitations of linear logic

to be universally all encompassing

the other attempting to justify a sacred intuition

with linear empiricism
the day might come

where faith is substantiated

and where empirical science removes the blinkers of self-determinism


but until then we continue to embrace each other with daggers unsheathed


one grasping at self ascendency

assuming be placed high amongst the stars


the other dragging the heavens down

to be strapped to the loins of mortal man



gazing deeply into each others eyes

trying desperately to see

what we can never get to see


what we ourselves look like


reaching out to others

to make contact with ourselves

searching longingly for a witness

to our own lives


a sign

that we are not alone


that in here

we are out there

amongst others


and that they


are searching too


there is no such thing as reward

external reward is more illusionary than illusion itself

inside the vacuum grows

filling the substance of empty space

with the dust of purpose

as it morphs into the next step


there is no time for reward

there is only the next step