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Monthly Archives: November 2017

reaching out to beckon to my wife
to join me for an embrace as I lay on my bed
my crippled hands wrapped around her willing body
and the searing pain sent shockwaves through my body
I lay there saying nothing
savouring the moment
forever grateful
knowing that there are so many
who would give anything just to have arms
to embrace those they loved and cherished


it’s not the cards one gets dealt
it’s the way you play your hand
everything is relative …especially immediate family
time and chance happens to all
circumstance is defined through observation
to adapt and survive is the most noble of achievements
everything else is vanity
a pursuing of shadows
frantically grasping for the wind
chasing handfuls of emptiness
living dreams without substance
never able to be truly shared
and no real story to tell
better a skillful dodge
than a boastful wish

we can speak of these things if we are willing…

if we are secure enough within ourself

to believe or not to believe what is said

without feeling any transactional debt

to each other…

in any way

whether during or after whatever may happen when we speak


in many ways not to believe

is as much an act of faith…

which requires as much,

maybe even more strength

than that which is naturally believable to us…


…to have this peace within


and with the other

and the other’s system of belief

the other’s process

especially if we don’t agree…


perhaps this is the true beginning

of a walk to real health?