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Monthly Archives: February 2015

celebrity actors

spending their time trying to be someone else

their fans

spending their time trying to be like them

… how commonly strange?

tail follows dog…

dog follows tail …

here Oscar,… come little puppy!

good little doggie

all twits indeed


everything is relative…
just like a family…
even if dysfunctional…
or in denial
…especially if in denial

everything is relative
even if we think we can’t relate to it
and the pain doesn’t effect us
even so, it does
everything is relative
we don’t need to try

everything is relative
it’s more than a general theory
it needs no mathematical eloquence
it’s a specific reality
it just is
not was
nor will be
even if we argue about it
or try not to
everything is relative
we don’t need to agree

everything is relative
if we scratch away the surface
the blood flows…
though it is spilled
even the blood will cry out
…especially the blood
for therein it is even more

everything is relative
even if we divorce
and walk away
our reference point will be where we have come from
and this defines us
from that point on
and forever more

everything is relative
even if we are no more

‘mind your change!’ the clinking in his head seemed to say
‘you haven’t lost your mind’
‘it’s only gone away’

‘change your mind!’ the clanging bell clunged
‘you have no mind of your loss’
‘its you who’s getting stung’

with all our seemingly unlimited brain power
there’s still this crazy, illogical, overpowering madness
a sinister shadow
lurking behind…
a subtle insanity
overriding everything
especially things civil
things sensible and constructive
things good and helpful
the wonders of advancing enlightenment
perpetually plagued
a dark cloud of self destruction
many promises,
but no rain
and in the end…
…there is no end

time marches on

slowly it moves

as steady as it goes

it flickers not like the candle

but shimmers against the winds

expanding into fullness


time takes its time

the plans of man are beyond vanity

to them there is no end

but beginnings and ends embrace silently

as the day turns to night

the dark into light