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when hearts and minds are filled with nothing but hatred, revenge and greed
there can be no songs of peace
only the deafening drums of war will be heard
and all who dance to this tune will be struck blind
the charred soil will rise up to meet them
and their mouths will be filled with nothing
except the dust of death


we all hate being told what to do
yet we love being in control

we all resist change
yet we all want to try change others

we all like to express ourselves to others in order to spread our own perspectives
yet we all get bored when hearing others do the same

everything in our lives is always only about ourselves

constructive, persistent, brutal, self criticism is the greatest tool to world peace

unquestioned answers


One of my young ones questioned me about the importance we place on planning and time management, on setting goals, on thinking ahead and thinking about things deeply.

“Why do you older guys always want us to think and make plans and be accountable with our time?  Why can’t you just chill?”  “Things are what they are, … why can’t you just let it be?”

I answered,

“One day you too will be older like me and then you will remember this conversation, and I’m sure at that time you’ll see things from a very different perspective.”


“Maybe I won’t.”  he replied.

“Maybe none of us will be here anymore?”

“You say you make plans and prepare for the future.  Then how come is the world in a worse state than ever before?  And why does it seem so highly likely that it’s going to continue getting worse, and that it most probably cannot ever recover, that it’s probably on an inevitable course towards total destruction?”

“Is this what you planned for?”

“Is this what your thinking achieved?”

“Is this what you worked so hard for?”


I remain silent.

It is difficult to hear and speak at the same time.


Blind leading Blind


it’s nothing less than tragic to think that tomorrows leaders are following today’s leaders right now…

what was that about the blind leading the blind?

as radical as it may seem to the vast majority of us … perhaps for tomorrows leaders to shake off their own blindness it may well be greatly advantageous to start by stopping, go by staying, start questioning rather than obeying, learning by actively unlearning, programming by deprogramming and courageously walking untrodden paths… and perhaps even to not desire that others follow them at all?

outrageously also, perhaps to radically reinterpret the practical meanings of honour, respect, integrity, ethics, fairness, integrity, honesty, selflessness and dignity as these ideas might also be a most necessary initial step?  …  let’s face it,…  maybe only one in a million of all the leaders alive and active today display even a remote trace of any of these attributes

… and could it be that any righteous leader of tomorrow may well be categorized as anarchical, radical, rebellious and perhaps even profoundly irrelevant and dysfunctional … if judged by present standards?

instead of falling into a ditch along with those who illegitimately claim the high and lofty seats of power and influence in our world today – should we not be thinking of doing another form of ditching?



Tigger - King of the Beasties

“When I walk in, just think of me

as your humble servant.

I know you’ll wanna all bow down.

That’s okay, I deserve it.”


This is part of the lyric of a tune in a Winnie the Pooh episode entitled, “King Of The Beasties”

What is the mark of our age?

… the sign of our times?

What would you say to be the indicator on the litmus test of humanity?


Could this simple lyric describe the footprint we leave in the sand of our generation?

Could this be the dominant chunk of  social inheritance we will leave behind for history to record?

…in politics?

…in business?

…in religion?


in fact…  in every and all aspects of life as we have made it…


she’s in our country doing her thing at the moment and there’s great commotion this way and that about all that’s happening…

but in reality Gaga may just be far less controversial than we make her out to be?

it well may be that she is merely a representative of the vain plasticity of the world we have created… and maybe she’s no more or less ‘righteous’ than anyone of us?
perhaps when we hate her we judge ourselves in our own hypocrisy…

and when we love her we also judge ourselves in our  addiction to superficiality, mediocrity and vanity?
… more alarmingly maybe we are her and she is us?

and maybe that’s why we love to hate her and we hate to love her… and all other ‘popular’ persona

after all, in the end it’s all about us … you and me… and perhaps we deserve her and she deserves us?

are we able to consider that possibly the only reason she exists is because we give her life and we sustain her present and ongoing dominance in our consciousness?

could it be that we need her as much as she needs us?

and maybe Gaga is not alone?

… there’s the Zuma’s, Malema’s, Obama’s (and virtually every politician and pop celebrity there ever was and ever will be), social, cultural and religious leaders …

… and of course, then there’s you and me

our heritage

… where have we come from?

… where are we right now?

…and where are we going to from here?

is it in any way reasonable to assume one can initiate healing and effectively shake off the devastating effects of generations of abuse by legislating the self same abusive acts as the historically abusive perpetrators once committed?

what results can one expect if the previous victims of abuse are legally granted the inalienable right to perpetrate the exact same abuse as they themselves historically suffered, and this allegedly in order to access restoration and healing?

it has been suggested that to do the same thing over again and expecting to get a different result is a sure indication of insanity

maybe the braaing of  “boere” wors as a collective national act on heritage day is the real “state of the nation” keynote address?… unwittingly endorsed by all

… and could this indeed be a tragically succinct declaration of our real national heritage leaking out unintentionally and being exposed and publicised for all to see?

as wrong and undeniably evil as the previous system of legislated abuse was, have we lost sight of the chillingly scary idea that an eye for an eye can only result in all becoming blind?

there were no instructions to take notes

nor any commands to record anything

there was no time frame given

nor any specific direction offered


there was no course duration

nor any curriculum revealed

and no season for evaluation

no diplomas

no certificates


there was no expectation to remember anything

and no demand to be anything

other than what they already were

…only more


even suggestions came scarcely

and clear, detailed answers were rare


there was just this simple statement…


“follow me”


and then he turned around and walked…

In this short but thought provoking interview legendary “Smashing Pumpkins” guitarist Billy Corgan sits down with Brian Solis to discuss the state of the music industry and why he feels today’s musicians are treated like sex workers.

As powerful as the ideas expressed are, to my mind there is still a very dominant ‘marketing’ drive evident in this discourse.  Is this the only basis from which to evaluate the arts?
The present capitalist economic/advertising/self-promotion market system is the only context we have at present, but could it be seen as being similar to a picture of condemned prisoners on death row squabbling over who gets the best cell with regards to proximity to the exit door leading to the inevitable gallows?  Is there not another way?
Should artists be like common disposable commodity hawkers? … going around with cap in hand, desperately peddling their art as commercial wares almost exclusively to the demands of the mostly uneducated and consumer driven masses, usually at minimum rates just to fill our stomachs?

Another angle is whether musicians and artists are themselves not selling their own souls to the “pimps” who offer the promise of sustenance  or “fame?”  Many musicians perform under the false allure of “exposure”. .. not unlike the sex worker on street corners selling themselves in hope for a fee essentially determined by the buyer.  Are musicians and artists themselves not living lives just like sex workers when they participate in this type of seedy transaction?

Personally I am very concerned at the toll this is taking on the arts and culture on a deep level.  Perhaps the desperation for survival, scratching out an existence, is only adding to the degradation of society and humanity as we see it in our day?

For me this is no more glaring and disturbing as in the Christian music and specifically the so called “Worship” industry today.

Music and the arts in the spiritual realm of human consciousness is an expression of the ethereal in the most powerful way.  Through it we are able to explore new dimensions of meaning, new frontiers of communication and understanding.  The arts were there long before we ordered and symbolized our means of communication in symbols and cognitive speech and thought patterns.  The example a Christ reveals how he chose the metaphor in parables and the mysteries of “supernatural” demonstrations in word and deed to convey deep and challenging ideas to a culture essentially stuck and locked in to superficial memes and limited  two dimensional language.

To harness the creative arts and bring it under the power and control of popular culture and the  surface tension of linear thought and communication is to place a lid on spirituality.

In  the New Testament writings we are challenged not to conform to the patterns of the world but instead to be transformed by the renewing of our minds in order that we might test and approve the perfect will of God for our lives and for our times.  But at least to my mind it is blatantly clear that in churches world wide we seem mostly if not exclusively to follow trends and popularity stakes.  We follow ‘feel-good’ consumerist systems in our ‘worship.”  And the standards of this interaction are determined and set by the Christian worship industry and the “pop stars” who parade as its front, its representatives.  Our “worship leaders'” and Christian “Pop Stars” do not seem to operate from a platform of a biblically renewed minds but rather seem blatantly to conform to the patterns of popularity and the success it offers in the world today – looking, speaking and sounding exactly like the regular music industry celebrities.  Relevancy and spiritual accuracy and authority is measured by popularity and accessibility to the common ground of  consumer sentiment.

In our churches we seem only willing to play that which we are led to believe has been tried and tested by the Christian worship industry as if it has the divine anointing and authority with respect to the sounds of the Kingdom of God but which is instead almost exclusively run on aggressive capitalistic, strictly profit based, manipulative economic strategies, – methods copied verbatim from the successfully implemented patterns of a greedy and an undeniably profit motivated secular music industry.   After all, it’s pure business, right?

I have asked as many pastors of churches as I can if they would feel happy if instructed not to preach from their own individual heart  perspective but instead to copy a great audio or DVD teaching by one of the great present day popular Christian preachers as their regular congregational church sermon, … following each word exactly (or as best they can) , using the same analogies, the exact same visual prompts and effects.  The answer I received each time, even though the “popular Christian preacher” was deemed acceptable and even highly regarded and embraced as theologically sound and “anointed by God” was always, “no.”

Yet amazingly those same pastors instruct their worship leaders and musicians to copy verbatim (or as best as they possibly can) what is popular and selling in the Christian retail outlets worship CD and worship DVD racks.

If we believe that there is a “Holy Spirit” amongst us who dwells in each believer and leads each believer into all truth, taking what belongs to Jesus and making it know to each as the bible says, … why do we only permit the singing of songs by the industry backed and promoted superstars?

What is this repetitious sensual liturgy amongst us?

Where are the “new songs” expressed in and from the hearts of the local  redeemed of the Lord?

Sometimes it even feels like God lives exclusively in USA or Australia these days.

I also ask the question, “why are today’s Christian musicians and creative artists being treated like sex workers?”

And why are we letting it happen?

“South Africa’s ANC party bans minister from eating treat in front of supporters”

What level of ethic is at wok here?

Are we really meant to swallow (pun intended) this and align to a view that because it is not done in public it is ok? …. and that making an external show of something deals with the root cause of it?

The ANC seems to be running the country (and our lives) according to a mocking satirical lyric line in a funk rock tune written by “The Tower of Power” :

“It’s not the crime,

and it’s not the thought,

It’s not the deed,

It’s if you get caught”

How about considering some possible tabloid Headlines to help place this kind of reasoning into a context that might perhaps encourage us to see this from another angle shall we?


* “South Africa’s ANC party bans ministers from corruption in front of supporters”

(The country’s ruling party has decided its senior members should enjoy the sweet treat only in private amid fears it could appear elitist.)


* “South Africa’s ANC party bans ministers from raping and/or committing acts of sexual harassment on women and minors in front of supporters”

(The country’s ruling party has decided its senior members should enjoy the sweet treat only in private amid fears it could appear elitist.)


* “South Africa’s ANC party bans ministers from “tenderpreneuring” in front of supporters”

(The country’s ruling party has decided its senior members should enjoy the sweet treat only in private amid fears it could appear elitist.)


* “South Africa’s ANC party bans ministers from stealing and pillaging in front of supporters”

(The country’s ruling party has decided its senior members should enjoy the sweet treat only in private amid fears it could appear elitist.)


* “South Africa’s ANC party bans ministers from committing acts of sexual harassment on women and minors in front of supporters”

(The country’s ruling party has decided its senior members should enjoy the sweet treat only in private amid fears it could appear elitist.)



* “South Africa’s ANC party bans ministers from committing acts of immorality in front of supporters”

(The country’s ruling party has decided its senior members should enjoy the sweet treat only in private amid fears it could appear elitist.)


 So it’s okay to beat your wife just as long as it’s not in front of the children? … and fathers should never do this in front of the children for fear of appearing violent and disrespectful?

God bless Africa, for we surely have no stomach for it.