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Monthly Archives: May 2014

I wondered lonely as a crowd…
democracy will be the death of me…



the tears of the oppressed
they have no comforter
together they stand

on the side of the oppressor
is power and control
together they sit

the tears of the oppressor are dry
but the eyes still weep
the oppressor too has no comforter

and the oppressor is also oppressed
why else would he be an oppressor?

the oppressed,
though blinded in their suffering
learn quickly
and they learn well

for every dog has it’s day
and the changing of seasons
waits for no man

however great,
all erode away
and eventually
they are scattered to dust…


only the memories,
locked away


in subjective minds


these alone

are sometimes able to reduce the rate of erosion

… but only for a season

one lonely, desperate pencil mark
on a sheet of processed, printed bark
is the only voice they say we possess
to deal with all this morbid mess

a grant of ultimate, unilateral might
for the corrupt to plunder everything in sight
and once our mark is finally made
the funeral banquet table’s laid

and though the meal’s a bitter pill
we will eat until we’ve had our fill
and filled indeed we’ll surely be
for we are on the menu, you see

delusional parasitosis


“look at me, …follow me, …vote for me!”… said the delusional,

…who could see only the over inflated memory of himself on the back of his own closed eyelids…

“yes, we will!”  said the deluded,

…who could see nothing other than the memory of their own forgotten selves,

dimly reflected on the closed outer eyelids of the aforementioned delusional…


cannot be expected,
nor seized
it is not cheap
and never free…

is not a reward for services rendered
instead it is earned
by the sweat of the brow
and by the proof of character
it comes not overnight
but over time

is the language of fools
but the currency of the wise
it always comes at great cost
to al who seek it
even to the prudent and upright
and it can be lost in an instant
never to return

Walking Alone



we are totally alone,

but we’re not the only ones here


so I shout

hearing only my own voice as the lips of others are moving,

or so it seems


echoes of wishes once lost

found to be once mine

or so it appears to be


I see the mist moving

shadows of light

fading to bright

shapes like trees

walking upside down


might it be that I need another voice?

a prayer

a command

inverting the lie to truth

the truth from the lie


darkness still covers the surface of the deep

tearing the water from the waters…


is that a light I see?

or shadows

like trees

still walking


all together

but alone



so many parties
out in the midday sun
the occasion was splendid
the fun has begun

mad dogs as Englishmen
barking in glee
the objective at hand
was quite clear to see

dress code was clownish
though weapons were real
traditional cultures were shrouded
oh hear the pigs squeal

vulgarity is contagious
the mudslinging began
the act was outrageous
the playground of man

each shouted louder
to drown out the rest
expounding on vanities
over which way was best

empty words
to empty heads
while our consciences sleep
the burning of beds

the voice of the nation
with just two strokes of a pen
to settle the future
the destinies of men

the wise entered in
and idiots too
the best ways of men
sounded just like a zoo

the victor rejoices
and clutches his spear
taunts at the vanquished
as the slaughter draws near

and so we’ll live on together
more caretakers will come
to try clean up the cages
of the mess and the scum

but we’ll celebrate greatly
of victories won
and write of our glory
even though we’re undone

the culmination of wisdom
over centuries unfurled
has reached this high plateaux
the demise of our world

it has dawned on me that’s this pic tragi-comically seems to succinctly capture the full essence of the individual voter…

…let’s face it (you can laugh or cry about it, it’s your call/vote), … individually we’re no more than simply a fancy dressed clown lookalike, oblivious to how stupid we actually look from the outside, yet still faithful to the cause, …so beaten into submission by media bombardment, herded into a conformist, myopic concentration on only that which lies directly in front of our own eyes…

…but boy, oh boy, do we get stirred and passionate about it even though we know not where we are, who we are, nor what on earth we are doing

… and to add insult to injury we are stalked and published on the internet without our  knowledge nor consent, to be ridiculed by all and sundry…
(P.S. see you at the Mall, …we can just hang, you know… walk around aimlessly like good consumers and watch others also just hanging, and then maybe even take a few selfies as we go cast our votes at the polling station conveniently situated directly across from the Mall fast food hall)

…let’s talk about believing blindly in a convenient, non-existent, omnipotent God of irrational self-serving promises… shall we?
… nevertheless it’s a national religious holiday today… I wonder how many rationally minded, empirical scientists and even militant atheists are worshipping, er, oops… I mean, ‘voting’ today?… hmmm?